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Here is a new article series I will be working on. Along with when Tokyo Ghoul starts back called Spoiler Alert! Creative, I know. You will notice that I will mostly do these titles in Spoiler Alert! because they are what I read weekly, I may even start doing Attack on Titan if I feel up to it.

Note: If you’d like to catch up with these manga, you can find them simulpub on crunchyroll.com and you can buy the volumes at kodanshacomics.com

Because I like to save the best for last, and not that I think this is the worst title, it’s just the newest I have started Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches! By: Miki Yoshikawa

Previously on Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches: Yamada is a tough boy whom everyone fears. Seven is the magic number in this manga, and there are seven witches in a group everywhere! Yamada has the power to copy a witch’s power by making contact through a kiss. Even though he may not like it, where we are, the seven witches are all male and he has to kiss each one to find out what their power is! Join me in this article to find out the crazy things Yamada will have to go through so far to find all seven of the male witches, their powers and get his memories back.

Chapter 195: My chest sorta aches…

Tamaki tells Yamada that a new witch has been found. Yamada asks what the witch’s power was only to have Tamaki reply that he didn’t know and that was why he called in Yamada. Tamaki tells Yamada that the girl in charge of finding out the power gave up and that girl is Odagiri. Having had her memories erased due to the 7th witch’s power which Yamada possessed for a short time it seems Tamaki has given Odagiri a story filled with holes. She informs Yamada that whenever she sees him her chest sorta aches, having Yamada flash back to the time Odagiri confessed her feelings for him. It is revealed by Odagiri that Tamaki told her that Yamada liked her.   yamada_bw

Poor dear doesn’t know that she’s in love with a taken boy. The drama. The tragedy. The she had a chance with Ushio. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Odagiri and Yamada go to class 3-H to meet the witch Alex Spencer, a foreign exchange student from the states.It is shown that Odagiri is very friendly to the foreign exchange student and seems to be the only one who talks with him. His classmates used to surround him  a lot because he was a foreigner but him having a hard time communicating pushed them away. Alex can speak Japanese but still has a hard time communicating with others. Odagiri tells Alex that he is a loner, and calls over Yamada telling Alex that he too is a loner and they should get along. In response Alex says “Friends Forever” having jumped far from get along.

Yamada, being him, tries to quickly find out the power and uses the knowledge that “Foreigners kiss as greetings” to steal a kiss from Alex and find out what the witch power is, only to have it not work.

Yamada that’s not how you get someone to kiss you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

When Yamada decides to give up and tells Odagiri to also, since she is already so busy and seems to not want to deal with it. She shows that she is really concerned for Alex and doesn’t want him to be alone and not have any friends.

Next scene we see Yamada and Alex outside talking. Yamada tells Alex that if there’s anything on his mind he can talk to Yamada about it. Alex thinks for a moment and tells him that he has no problems, to which Yamada responds that he has to have a problem. [Witch powers are born from an upset student attending the school making some kind of wish that resembles their power]. Odagiri is hiding behind a tree watching their conversation and overhears Alex ask Yamada what’s going on between him and Odagiri.

Odagiri blushes confused and probably thinking that Yamada will say that he once had a thing for her. Then next chapter he’ll probably say nothing, and that they’re just friends. He has a girlfriend, Odagiri gets her heart torn to pieces again, confusion. I’m not sure, just guesses. I’ll definitely be surprised if Yamada acts like what Tamaki told her was true.

Next up: The Seven Deadly Sins! Also known as Nanatsu no Taizai, By: Nakaba Suzuki

Previously on The Seven Deadly Sins: Diane, Ban, Meliodas, Elizabeth and the rest of the gang regroup inside of the deadly maze to find the members of the Ten Commandments and make it to the center. Ban finds Elaine, King and Jericho together but is put off by a strange feeling, Diane is reunited with Matrona, more friends reunited together. The power everyone (but Jericho) feels is the power of two members of the Ten Commandments. The two commandments are known as Drole and The First Fairy King Gloxinia. Gloxinia kills all of the participants who are still roaming around the maze, believing that the ones in the center are enough to start the “Game”. Gowther and Escanor arrive at the scene late, and Gloxinia stabs Escanor through the chest and then revives him before he dies to show the power she will grant to those who win. Drole divides everyone into teams of two and we get a cliff hanger with Elizabeth and Elaine teamed together.

Chapter 163: The Princess and The Saint

Elaine and Elizabeth are paired against deadly assassins. Gloxinia explains that the way to win your battle is to either kill your opponents, render them unable to fight, or push them out of the ring. Elizabeth finds out that she is partnered with Elaine, probably wondering how she’s alive. When the assassins start the attack, targeting Elizabeth first Elaine blasts them away with her amazing fairy powers but still keeps them in the ring. More idle chit chat between the two ladies.

ಠ_ಠ This is a death match you are in right now, and highly trained assassins are trying to kill you both!

seven deadly sins_bwThe assassins throw smoke bombs, Elizabeth gets bitten by a poisonous snake in the shoulder, Elaine flips because Elizabeth got bit. Elaine is amazing and has the jump over everyone because she’s a fairy and she can fly so that’s what she did. Flew above the arena, used some more fairy powers, and almost killed the oldest assassin.

Elizabeth came back with the shoulder part of her outfit gone and no bite mark to be seen. Not only so but Elizabeth being the sweet, naive princess she is she heals the almost dead assassin with her amazing druid( I think that’s what it is) powers and heals him up. She does so because they are from a kingdom that was once very close to Liones, but because of two chief Holy Knights they messed up that peace to try and get that kingdom to subservient to them.

And, chapter end.

Hopefully the guy doesn’t get up and try to kill her again and just forfeits. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gloxinia kills anyone who lost and lived.

Now it is time for Fairy Tail! By: Hiro Mashima

Previously on Fairy Tail: Fairy Tail and the supporting guilds from the Grand Magic Games are still fighting to keep Magnolia safe against the Albareth Empire. Laxus was fighting Wall and was having a hard time keeping up due to the anti-magic particles he consumed during the Tartaros Arc. Not only that, but because Wall was a type of robotic life-form, lighting did not work against him. Wall also failed to realize that using lightning based attacks only enhanced Laxus’ power. Laxus used his brain like a smarty pants and created a jutsu-shiki or enchantment around Wall. Wall uses a particle canceler spell not only cancelling the jutsu-shiki but also the anti-magic particles that were giving him the advantage over Laxus. Laxus creates Red-black lightning to defeat Wall.

Chapter 474: In the Silence of Time

Natsu is resting in the infirmary and Lucy is sleeping at his bed-side. Happy thinks about the events that unfolded when they encountered Zeref. He told himself that he’d find a way to save Natsu and defeat Zeref.fairy tail_bw

Warren tells the others inside of the guild that two of the Spriggan Twelve have been defeated meaning that there are only eight left causing the guild members inside to cheer. Until Makarov destroys all that telling them that there are still ways for them to be defeated, and he asks Mavis what she thinks they should do. She tells him that she needs some time to think, wondering what can they do to defeat Zeref.

In Southern Fiore, Gray, Lyon, and Juvia are fighting troops from the Albareth Empire. Juvia is almost attacked from above until someone’s magic stops the threat. They look behind and see Meredy from Crime Sorciere telling them that Crime Sorciere is joining the battle. In the background Lyon thinks Meredy is cute.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Mashima has granted my wish. Lyredy is no longer just a crack ship. It has been noticed.

Erza and Kagura are making their way to the harbor when two members of the Four Heraldy Knights of the Neinhart Division step in the way. Kagura and Erza quickly get them out of the way. From above two more of the Four Heraldy Knights tries to attack until Erza’s husband Jellal comes in at the right time and saves them. Erza tells Jellal to hide his face to which he replies that he is through running and he is there to take down Zeref. Kagura is staring at Jellal, obviously not having gotten over the misunderstanding of “Jellal killed my brother”.

Smh, Kagura.

Wherever Dimaria is, Wendy, Carla, and Chelia are fighting her there with her troops in the background. Dimaria freezes time and thinks of a way to mess with the girls, wondering if she should rip up Wendy’s clothes, killing them all would be too easy, but then decides to kill Wendy to confuse the other two girls and because Wendy kicked her in the face. As she swings her sword closer to Wendy’s neck, Wendy jumps in the air in time signaling Chelia to which they do a team sky arrow attack. Wendy explains to Chelia that she heard a voice, and Chelia agrees. A woman in the background talks about how they are in the time between times, shocking Carla. The woman is in fact Ultear. Young Ultear that we’ve always known.

Another wish has been granted. Ultear has returned to her natural age once more!

Overall I liked all of the chapters! Elizabeth and Elaine showing their stuff, Yamada finding another witch, and Ultear coming back not to mention some Lyredy too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Thanks for reading this Spoiler Alert article, and I hope you all will join me next time!

You can read Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Fairy Tail all on Crunchyroll. If you’d like to read older chapters you need a premium account, but the latest chapter is available for free until the next chapter releases. All three of these manga are published by Kodansha Comics.


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