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Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Chapter 201: Paradiiise <3

Yamada-Kun Seven Witches 201


On the second day of the school trip, Yamada woke up excited to go to the beach, but Miyamura had to remind him that he had work to do, holding the Dragon Dayama mask. In order to read the chairman’s future as Dragon Dayama, Yamada has to copy the foresight power from Chikushi.

When confronting Chikushi about getting a kiss from her, she ends up telling him that because they’re on vacation and in Guam she decided to convert the usual pay into American dollars which came up into more than usual. Yamada offered to help Chikushi with her job as the Masked JK instead, to pay for the kiss.

Shiraishi and Yamada take a look at the sunset and they kiss, leading Yamada to quickly run off after seeing Shiraishi’s future, which I’m not even sure was. Then as Dayama he kisses the chairperson and sees a future of the two of them watching the sunset, talking about how romantic it is and then what seems to be kissing.

The Seven Deadly Sins

Chapter 169: The Legendary Weakest Holy Knight

Seven Deadly Sins 169

So Gowther doesn’t mind killing his friends in order to win the festival and get a heart, and Jericho begins to lecture him in order to give him some words of wisdom or something >->. Hawk still thinks his combat class is high enough to do damage, and Escanor requests that he and Hawk be disqualified so that he does not have to fight his friends, Gowther and Jericho. When Gloxinia and Drole do not make any acceptions, Escanor asks Meliodas for help.

Jericho continues to try to get Gowther to not fight because friendship and you should care about your friends because they’re important, but her words are only making him want a heart more so pretty much her words backfired. So as a back up plan, she clasped her hands together and tried to hit him in the back of his head, but instead she got a face full of roundhouse kick. Infuriated, Hawk jumps after Gowther asking him why he kicked the crap out of his own partner, but Hawk got a face full of rock as the answer.

With Gowther and Escanor facing off, Gowther puts Escanor into a realm to live a nightmare. We see his past and how he grew up. With his ugly brother and his crazy strength. How his family tried to have him killed and his parents were also very ugly, and the lady named Rosa who hid him away from the attackers and helped him escape. The way Escanor became totally ripped, and then fell in love with Merlin, probably because she looked a lot like Rosa. And to top it off, she was in the black space of darkness with Escanor as if she were with him in real time and she totally rejected him and then she began to tell him very mean things to make him feel like he were being swallowed by the darkness.

Gowther, thinking that he finished Escanor off, removed his hands from Escanor and told Escanor that his consciousness would never return. Escanor proved him wrong when Escanor began talking, saying that he knew about all the things Merlin said to him in the darkness and it was okay with him, and that she was someone who could not share her life with him, but she illuminated his life that was covered in darkness and he thought of her as the very sun itself.

Seven Deadly Sins 169 ;-;

Escanor, why do you have a way with words ;~;

Then Escanor told Gowther that what Gowther gave him wasn’t despair, but hope. *Danganronpa plays in the background* Escanor gets all ripped again, and tells Gowther that he’s gonna make reparations for the sin of toying with your heart.

And now we go back to the Fairy Tail guild against The Albareth Empire

Chapter 480: Grave Markers of the North

Fairy Tail 480

We start off with Brandish sitting back in her cell, with Natsu, Lucy and Happy outside. Natsu and Happy are thanking Brandish for saving Natsu’s life, and Lucy is telling Brandish that she didn’t have to return to her cell. Brandish tells them that she didn’t expect them to defeat Jacob, and she understands why Zeref told the Spriggan Twelve not to underestimate Fairy Tail. Brandish tells them that they won’t hold out much longer though, because August is coming.

The members of Fairy Tail are worrying about how August is approaching the guild and messed up their markers so they don’t know what to do. Max tries to look to Mavis for help, but is told that because she got hurt she wanted to heal up in the basement. The correct question was asked which was, how did she get hurt when she’s a ghost? Because Jacob is a cheater using life hacks. Then we see Mavis and Cana in the basement, showing Cana her true body trapped in the crystal, The Eternal Magic known as Fairy Heart. In order for Mavis’ plan to defeat Zeref to work, she needs Cana’s help to complete the first step, which is to get Mavis’ true body out of the lacrima. In order to do that, Cana must use Fairy Glitter to destroy Mavis’ spirit illusion.

The Strauss team, Gajeel, Levy and Lily are in Northern Fiore waiting for the large group of the Albareth Empire’s soldiers. As they prepare for battle, they notice that the soldiers are carrying something. Carrying the Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus guild members crucified.

;-;-;-;-;-;-; The chapter title makes so much sense now it hurts.

In Hargeon, in Souther Fiore, Laxus is sitting somewhere, Chelia is patching up Wendy and Carla’s wounds. Gray and Lyon are teaming together, Juvia and Meredy are teaming together, and then we have Jellal, Erza, and Kagura on a ship getting ready to fight.Suddenly it’s pitch black. But they’re outside so ???? and everybody else is like ???? except Jellal who was all like, this magic is familiar??? and then everybody gets hit by something.

Then a familiar guy with a mask on his mouth says, so many familiar faces and he asks them if they remember his dark moment magic. I, myself, do not because I didn’t read the first couple volumes of the manga >v>

But we all know who he is if we’ve been keeping up with the Tower of Heaven arc, and Kagura’s life story. He is the one and only, supposed to be dead, Simon!

Fairy Tail 480 Gasp


Kagura is choking up and asking if he’s really her big brother, which leads to Jellal being all like, lol no. He’s not. I know I watched him die. It’s not Simon, dude. We already told you he died. So Kagura was all like, you cretin, I know my eyes aren’t playing tricks on me, so tell me who that guy in front of us is. Then this guy sitting on the little stick thing of the sail because I don’t know anything about boats, I’m sorry, was telling them that Simon was a Historia for the three of them. Love, Friendship, Family, and Death, pretty much all of those link to Simon. It makes sense why Simon was chosen.

All of these chapters were pretty great! Can’t wait to share what happened in the next ones with you!

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches is created by Miki Yoshikawa

The Seven Deadly Sins is created by Nakaba Suzuki

Fairy Tail is created by Hiro Mashima

You can read Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Fairy Tail all on Crunchyroll. If you’d like to read older chapters you need a premium account, but the latest chapter is available for free until the next chapter releases. All three of these manga are published by Kodansha Comics.

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Yes, hello. MORE SPOILER ALERT! WOOOOOT! Gonna try hard to catch up with what’s being released nowadays (July) and yeah, I’m gonna try.

So first up is Yamada-kun and the we knowalready Seven Witches

Chapter 200: Ocean front!!

Yamada-Kun Seven Witches 200

So we start off with the main five kiddos looking at the plane they’ll be boarding to Guam. It looks like a nice plane. Once inside Yamada is paranoid as all get out, I’d probably be the same, but then once they’re in the air he calms down. Guam looks nice and Yamada tries to go into a group activity right off the bat, but Miyamura and Yamada are asked to join the chairperson and her group.

Yamada’s sighs because he was able to get her to do something else but when he turns Miyamura is sitting with Nakamura, so Yamada asks if he was going with the chairperson and gets the military base reply again.

The three boys return to the hotel at night very tired, and the two girls and the chairperson seem just fine and enjoyed their sightseeing. The girls go off to the restaurant for dinner and ask Yamada to join them, but he and Miyamura plan to return to their room for a short break. The chairperson seems a little surprised and decides to give him a report to be turned in to her room before the day is over.

Some time passes and the chairperson ends up visiting Yamada to ask if he’s finished with his report. He tells her he’s going to the dining hall and she tells him that she’d really like it if he came by and gave her the report afterwards.

So Yamada and Miyamura get to the dining hall, greet the girlfriend and friend, and asks them if they wanna hang out til some dudes in their group ask them to hangout first to which Shiraishi agrees without hesitation.

Could you feel that arrow of betrayal piercing through your chest, Yamada? I know I could.

She tells him that because it’s a school trip they should hang out in their groups, so he tells them to have fun. Nakamura tells them that it’ll be his last school strip and he’d like to see a girl’s room for once, so Yamada tells him that Shiraishi left so no hope. But Miyamura uses that brain of his and asks if the chairperson also wanted them to come visit her room, the same way Yamada was trying to invite the girls.

The chairperson is shown looking outside to see other rooms partying as she thinks about how quiet it is for her. Then the guys knock on the door and barge in with food and stuff to party and Yamada brings the report and the chapter ends with the chairperson having snacks and games on the side.

Like guys, she only wants to party too ;-; She’S HUMAN TOO AND SHE WANTS TO HAVE FUN D:

This was a pretty nice chapter tho, kinda got me in the heart with that last page though.

Next up is The Seven Deadly Sins!

Chapter 168: Plan to Annihilate the Ten Commandments.

Seven Deadly Sins 168

So Jericho’s brother is important this time other than almost being killed by his sister for being a jerk. His name is Gustav. He’s walking with Guila, you know that crazy girl or killed herself for a few minutes to track down the deadly sins in the realm to see dead people? Yeah her. And they have a girl who’s working under Guila, wearing a mask who doesn’t give Gustav the time of day, and he just can’t handle the rejection.

So it turns out the three reported to Zeldon to help them when Dreyfus went all crazy and destroyed one of the ways to destroy the Demon Race. So one guy talks about how thanks to Denzel’s “Judgement” spell Dreyfus probably can’t even get a wink of sleep at night.

Then we see Dreyfus just sitting in a cave, being haunted by the people he killed, and devouring their souls.

He definitely is too scared to sleep at night.

So Fraudrin is sitting there wondering why Dreyfus’ brother isn’t showing up since all the people he killed are supposed to haunt him.

Is that foreshadow I see

So then Deathpierce starts talking and he says something about having a fairy, who for some reason is naked except she’s got thigh highs? and only he can see her. And he began to laugh and talk to her. And it was very uncomfortable for everyone.

So the fairy tells him that a northern part of Britannia was destroyed, and not just destroyed but utterly destroyed, and Camelot was destroyed and turned into the Demons’ den, because why not.

Then we find out that Gowther is actually apart of the Ten Commandments and Guila is all shocked and I’m still confused about his little close up thing making him look like a girl, like I keep mistaking you for a girl for a reason and it’s definitely reasons like this.

Overall this was a pretty good chapter, cliffhanger plot twist at the end. 

Next is Fairy Tail!!

Chapter 479: The One Most to Be Respected Is

So Zeref and his war is happening, his right hand man is talking to his troops. Fun. Good stuff. Zeref thinks about how he’ll erase the two he loves most, Mavis and Natsu, from history. Like okay, no… please no thank you.

Lucy and Natsu are still fighting Jacob, going for that Regulus Lucy punch but he dodged. Jacob knows martial arts apparently and he like knocks Lucy and Natsu down for a minute with his stealth magic for turning invisible and stuff. Then he says he’s gonna kill everyone he transported one by one, but you know Fairy Tail “WHAT ABOUT YER FRIENDS?!” which is what Lucy practically said, but she didn’t. She told him Brandish and crazy dude, you know that guy that tried choking Brandish while she was locked up and couldn’t use her magic? yeah him, were inside. So Jacob releases them, and the guy (I really don’t feel like remembering his name).

Okay so his name is Marin I looked it up. 

Fairy Tail 479

So when Marin gets up and thanks Jacob while being chained up, he sees that there is another Marin. Who is actually Gemini from Lucy switching to her Gemini star dress, which is actually really cute by the way. Mavis and Happy comment on the fact that she didn’t have Gemini copy someone powerful, but Lucy explains that she chose Marin solely for the fact that his magic created rules for the area, so they reversed the spacial magic in the area and all the guild members returned.

That’s checkmate, dude.

Jacob was upset and tried transporting everyone again but when he put his hands in position, Mavis threw Happy in between to stop him. So then Makarov punches him out of the guild, making Natsu tell him not to smash up the guild POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK, so Makarov says he doesn’t want to hear that from Natsu and throws him out after Jacob. So as Natsu flew over to catch up to Jacob he ended up evaporating the water in the nearby lake and punched Jacob out of the park.

Yeahhh, Fairry Tailll

Overall these chapters were nice. Thanks for checking out my review(?) summary(???) check out my Tokyo Ghoul articles if you like Tokyo Ghoul and like my reviews/summaries(????) and stuff.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches is created by Miki Yoshikawa

The Seven Deadly Sins is created by Nakaba Suzuki

Fairy Tail is created by Hiro Mashima

You can read Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Fairy Tail all on Crunchyroll. If you’d like to read older chapters you need a premium account, but the latest chapter is available for free until the next chapter releases. All three of these manga are published by Kodansha Comics.


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Hey there, did you miss me? <;

I missed me too. (Unless you didn’t, then just ignore that comment ;-;)

Are you ready for 6 CHAPTERS OF LATE FUN!! Gonna shorten these a little more since I’m so behind and some were meh.

Warning: These chapters include lots of ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). If you know what this means, and you have read them, you get the idea. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Also, some will be shorter because they were meh in my eyes and you gotta read them if you wanna know alllll the details.

Now let’s get to our stories!

First up: Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, By: Miki Yoshikawa

Previously on Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, Shiraishi told Yamada that she doesn’t really need her memories back to enjoy spending time with him.

Chapter 198: And there are sea cucumbers

Yamada-Kun Seven Witches 198

The class rep from Yamada’s class tells him that if he does not submit the attendance form to her, then she will have to mark him not attending for the school trip.

Ah yes, anime/manga school trips; the beaches, and the bikinis and the procrastination, and the sweet smell of romance that will go totally wrong in all the wrong ways and make shipping harder than it has to be. Gotta love those school trips, amirite?

Yamada quickly tells the chairperson that he is going and later finds out from Shiraishi that the school trip is in Guam.

Odang, Guam. Wishing my school trips were like this.

Shiraishi tells Yamada that her group decided to do a course on the ocean.

Yamada gets really depressed, telling Shiraishi that they won’t be able to spend the school trip together, and how they missed going to the beach on their club trip the year before. Then Yamada cries about how he won’t be able to see Shiraishi in her swimsuit, and they can’t play on the beach together, and he can’t see the waves splashing on her swimsuit, or the water dripping off her swimsuit.

Good going Yamada, your mind is definitely in the right place for this kind of situation.

Shiraishi being the girlfriend who is definitely not bothered by the stupid things Yamada says; she brushes it off and suggests that if he’s able to get his group to choose the same course then they’ll be together.

In the drawing for groups, Yamada pulls the same number as the chairperson and two other girls in her group. While Yamada has Miyamura and some random kid to make up for numbers. And they become a group of six.

When the chairperson gets onto the topic of discussing where they will spend their two days of the trip, Yamada quickly calls for the beach, to which he is asked to be more specific. Yamada then explains that since they’ll be in the south and they’ll be at a resort they should relax and have some fun in the ocean. Feeling he has this whole thing in the bag, the chairperson retorts with the fact that Japan has beaches too.

Shot down, Yamada. 

Yamada makes the mistake of asking the other kid, who is known as Nakamura, what he thinks about the beach. And gets the reply of, “I want to go to an American Military Base.”

Well this kid is definitely going places.

The chairperson then talks about the many historical areas in Guam and chooses the Dulce Nombre De Maria Cathedral Basilica and asks everyone what they think. The two girls who I assume are friends with the chairperson agree and she almost closes the discussion. Yamada stops her and tries once more to change her mind to the beach, using fun activities, like parasailing, jet-skiing, and snorkeling to sway their choice. Once again, another shut down from the Chairperson, as she asks him “Isn’t going to the ocean a whole lot of trouble?”

The two girls talk about the stuff they’d like to avoid in the ocean, including sea cucumbers [heh, heh. I found the title sentence :^)] Once again, Yamada asks Nakamura what he thinks, only to get the answer about the Military Base again.

Why did you ask him again?

The chairperson switches the idea to exploring historical places while at an American Military Base. Yamada tries to push for the beach one more time, but is shut down by the chairperson once more before he can even utter a counter, as she tells him majority rules.

Miyamura steps in and asks the chairperson of the legendary figure in Guam. Selling his story, he tells them about how the island of Guam saw many disasters and the people of the island suffered, but there was a legendary fortune teller who came to their rescue by predicting their disasters. He tells them that even then the descendant of the fortune teller, tells people fortunes at the beach. Miyamura then says “And this fortune teller’s name is Dragon Dayama!” As he pulled out his cell phone with a picture of Yamada from the cultural festival.

Yamada complains to Shiraishi about how he’ll have to be Dragon Dayama to go to the beach, she smiles and then tells him that they need to go and buy a swimsuit.


How nice~

Chapter 199: I dunno about this…

Yamada-Kun Seven Witches 199

Yamada and Shiraishi gotta shop at an outdoor clothing store to get their swimsuits, ooh la la :^)

Shiraishi being that girl who doesn’t give five chicken nuggets about anything is ready to go, while Yamada seems to be a little tense but is ready to get the swimsuits. Shiraishi hatches this amazing plan of picking out each other’s swimsuits. Ooooooh La la ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yamada tells Shiraishi he has no sense of style and she would probably be better of choosing her own swimsuit, but she isn’t having that and tells him that an unconventional swimsuit would suit him.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) What exactly do you have in mind, Shiraishi?

Ito and Miyamura decide to tag along when they find Shiraishi and Yamada waiting at the gates. Tsubaki is upset because they didn’t even bother to ask him or ever thought to ask him, and Hotaru does not try to comfort him and asks the others to bring back souvenirs.

At the store, Yamada notices a lot of other classmates, and Tamaki notices Yamada. Tamaki, being like me, thinks of a cool thing to say but can’t say it wishing he could.

Same Tamaki, same ;-;

Shiraishi tells Yamada to go pick a swimsuit for her, and Miyamura comes by. He then chooses a really skimpy swimsuit and asks Yamada what he thinks. Yamada tells Miyamura that Shiraishi would never wear something like that, but Miyamura asks him if he’s sure about that and thus the fantasy begins.

Let’s just say it was “( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

Yamada declines and tells Miyamura she’d look better in a more natural and modest style, so Miyamura pulls out a bikini that is made out of leaves.

Goodness Miyamura, pretty sure that isn’t what Yamada meant. 

Yamada tells him “I SAID NATURAL, NOT PRIMITIVE!” and Miyamura hits him with another “You sure ’bout that?”

Cue “( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)” fantasy.

Yamada tells Miyamura to find something way sturdier than some leaves strapped together. So Miyamu pulls out some swim trunks, to which Yamada tells him that those are for men. And Yamada is hit with another “You sure ’bout that?”

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Fantasy

Then Yamada tells Miyamura that Shiraishi isn’t a nympho, which makes Miyamura explain that he meant did they look good on himself; and asks Yamada again if they look okay.

We switch over to Shiraishi and Ito asks her what swimsuit she chose. Straight face with a smile, she holds out a thong-looking suit.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Shiraishi, my goodness.

Going back to Yamada and Miyamura, Yamada is busy choosing a color as Miyamura walks out of the changing room in some swim trunks, a floaty and sunglasses, looking like he’s already at the beach. Miyamura asks Yamada to take a picture to ask Shiraishi and Ito what they think of his swimsuit. Backing up to get a full body picture, Yamada falls into a changing room.

And that changing room isn’t empty, it has none other than Odagiri in her underwear covering herself.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

And then she screams alarming Shiraishi and Ito.

Good goin’ Odagiri.

Odagiri still thinks Yamada is interested in her and tells him that she didn’t expect him to make a move on her inside of the changing room of all places no matter how much he “liked” her. Shiraishi and Ito make there way to the changing room and ask Miyamura what was happening. Miyamura does his best to cover the scene, and Yamada tells Odagiri to move over so he can close the curtains before Shiraishi sees and thinks of him negatively.

Then the Chairperson sees Odagiri and Yamada together, it frightens Yamada, but then she just closes the curtain and apologizes to Ito and Shiraishi for the noise that her group was making.

After that whole fiasco Yamada finds the chairperson and thanks her. She smiles and tells him that he owes her one. Then we see our buddies with all their swimming gear sitting thinking about how they bought too much. Well except Miyamura, he’s all set.

The Seven Deadly Sins

Chapter 166: What Sprouts There

King to the rescue, wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot! Gloxinia comments on the fact that King is able to use the true power of the sacred tree. There was lots of fighting fighting fighting, blah di blah blah. Diane gets captured, King saves her, blah blah blaaahhh. King runs out of energy because the true power of the sacred tree is too much for him to keep using. Drole’s golem tries to kill him, and Diane protects him.

Seven Deadly Sins 166

Overall this chapter was pretty meh when I think about it. Hard to write much when it was mostly fighting ;-;

Chapter 167: The Special Thing Inside You

Seven Deadly Sins 167

Diane decides to take control of the fight by summoning her old golems from when she was a child to fight against Drole and Gloxinia’s golems. They get shattered easily and she is confused as to why. King then explains that because they aren’t real and she doesn’t have a concrete image of what they should look like they are not stable. So he tells her to think of her real friends and create golems based on them. Golems of Matrona, Meliodas, Elizabeth, Hawk, and King are created. (King being the shortest)

King is glad that she created a golem for him but is a little disappointed that he looks so weak compared to the others. The Meliodas, Elizabeth, and Matrona golems fight fairly well against Drole’s golem, but are still defeated by it. Diane still has hope for the King golem and to King’s surprise it is the strongest and defeats Drole’s golem easily and King and Diane win the tournament..

This chapter was pretty good. Even with Diane’s memories of King gone she still thinks of him as someone special. I cri every time

Time for Fairy Tail!!

Chapter 477: Transport

Natsu is still unconscious and Lucy and Happy are watching over him. The guild is cheering because five of the Spriggan Twelve were defeated. Mavis worries about the two blips in the east marking their enemy. She’s wondering if they stopped moving or if something happened; and she expresses that she senses something wrong. At that moment an enemy waltzes through the guild doors alarming everyone.

Like, what the heck dude? That’s not how you make an appearance.

His name is Jacob Lessio and he informs the guild that the markers in the east that are standing still were fakes. They were created by a great wizard in the Twelve named August, once he realized that Fairy Tail was tracking them. Jacob explains that he came to the guild alone in order to lessen the load for August once he arrives at the guild.

FT 477

Jacob informs the guild that he is an assassin. When the members question why an assassin would openly attack their target, he explains that his stealth lies within making his victims vanish instead of himself. Clapping his hands the members are warped out of the guild leaving only Mavis’ spirit alone inside. Using his magic he is able to harm Mavis’ spirit.

What kind of witch craft is this…? e3e

The crystal holding Mavis’ body is cracked and her body suffers the same wound her spirit does. Jacob tells Mavis that the other guild members aren’t dead yet, but they will be if he doesn’t bring them back. As Mavis thinks about whether she should doom the world to save her friends or even trust Jacob, Lucy jumps in already in her Taurus form Star Dress and attacks Jacob from behind. Happy also by her side.

Lucy then changes her Star Dress into Leo form as Jacob asks how they were still in the guild. Both Happy and Lucy smile as they remember the events that happened five minutes prior. Horologium protects them from the spacial magic like he always does, but they’re in the nude and all stuffed inside Horologium’s protective chamber thing.

Horologium plz ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Finished back story, Lucy shortens it by saying that the stars have blessed her.

Hue hue

Jacob tells Lucy that she’s in for a world of hurt, and tells Mavis that instead he will tear Lucy apart; and told Mavis to jump in when she is ready to surrender. He throws a knife at Lucy and before she can dodge Natsu jumps in to the rescue.

Woohoo, Natsu to the rescue! Good chapter overall

Chapter 478: Stealth

FT 478

Fighting between Natsu and Jacob happens for quite a bit. Jacob goes invisible for a while and explains that he can also see invisible things, such as Mavis’ spirit. Mavis sees that it’s stealth magic. boy, they got magic for everything. Lucy realizes that he’s not actually vanishing but they just can’t see him, so she summons Loke to create a giant flash of light in order to have them see him.

Jacob pushes Loke to the side, and uses some kind of invisible weapon to harm everyone. More fighting between Jacob and Natsu until he pins Natsu to the ground and tells him that he will show him a living hell. He tells Natsu to look at Lucy and we see her dress vanishing.

Wait wut!?

Loke enjoys, Natsu is silent and Lucy is trying to cover herself. Lucy is left in her underwear trying to cover herself and tells Jacob to make her clothes visible again. While Loke asks him if he can make more vanish, making Lucy close his gate. Natsu is silent, Mavis is dumbfounded???? (I have no idea how to describe her face) and Jacob tells Natsu that he is truly in hell and Lucy tells him that she’s the one in hell.

Natsu then asks what’s so bad about Lucy just standing in her underwear. Jacob is baffled and asks Natsu if he’s uncomfortable and embarrassed and if his heart is racing because girl in underwear right in front of him. But Jacob doesn’t know that Natsu doesn’t react to things like that. Natsu then tells Jacob that Lucy is always wearing skimpy clothes having her ask him what that’s supposed to mean.

Lucy we all know what it means.

Jacob’s face is all scrunched up because he’s the one uncomfortable. So Natsu has a plan and we all know what happened and if you don’t go read it.

In short: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  and Jacob becomes very flustered and makes Lucy’s clothes visible again. Once he opens his eyes Natsu and Lucy give him a good Lucy Kick and Fire Dragon’s Talons to the Jaw but he’s not finished yet. Meanwhile Mavis is laying in the background thinking about her breakthrough. She has found a way to defeat the boyfriend, Zeref.

These were some good chapters!! I’m excited to share my feelings and reviews and such about the next chapters!

Some of these chapters were good, some were meh. I hope you all join me for the next couple of chapters as I work to catch up with the simulpubs again!

You can read Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Fairy Tail all on Crunchyroll. If you’d like to read older chapters you need a premium account, but the latest chapter is available for free until the next chapter releases. All three of these manga are published by Kodansha Comics.

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Sorry for missing last week, so I will do a double chapter week! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!?!!

Note: If you’d like to catch up with these manga, you can find them simulpub on crunchyroll.com and you can buy the volumes at kodanshacomics.com

First up, Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, By: Miki Yoshikawa

Short recap: Alex asks Yamada what his and Odagiri’s relationship is.

Chapter 196: You surprised?

So Yamada decided to match his story with Odagiri’s. Alex accepted it and kissed Yamada, revealing he had the body switching power. Alex explains that he already knew about the witch powers thanks to Sarushima from his host family.

Yamada tells Alex that he’ll make him some friends now that they’ve switched bodies. He orders Alex to go to the supernatural studies club room so that it’ll be easier to find Alex once he’s finished. Yamada decides to run around in Alex’s body trying out for all sorts of clubs that require physical strength, including the ones that aren’t looking for members. In the end he practically pummels every last member, and each club wants Alex to join.

Alex and Yamada switch back to their bodies and Yamada tells him that he is popular now. Alex is grateful and hugs him and happy times. It turns out Yamada had to search all over and found Alex back outside because Alex was not waiting in the club room like they agreed.

Yamada-kun 196
Sarushima in a jungle bikini and sneakers?

A job well done, Yamada goes to the Student Council room to tell Odagiri that he was finished with helping Alex. Odagiri quotes, “You’re the worst! Even if you like me… what you did is unacceptable. I mean, you have a girlfriend named Shiraishi! And yet you still did something like that to me!”

Like what, Odagiri? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yamada is confused and when he returns to the supernatural studies club room, Shiraishi is also upset about ‘Yamada’ doing that to Odagiri. Leaving Yamada wondering what exactly Alex did in his body.

But what exactly is That? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and why did it make Shiraishi so upset?

Chapter 197: Do what?

Yamada explains to Shiraishi that the person she saw wasn’t Yamada and it was actually Alex messing with Odagiri. Shiraishi realizes that Yamada has the body switching power again and asks for a request. They switch bodies just like old times so that Yamada can help her with P.E.

Miyamura and Shraishi inside of Yamada’s body go to class together, and Ito goes to class with Yamada while he’s in Shiraishi’s body. Ito finds a way to convince Yamada to have fun while in Shiraishi’s body since Shiraishi herself told him that she didn’t care what he did.

Yamada-kun 197
A pretty bird woman that reminds me of Ito

Four periods of class straight Yamada went to sleep, in lunch he ate Shirashi’s bento and for fifth and sixth period which was Phys. Ed. he dominated as Shiraishi.

Being tired out from being Shirashi for the day, Yamada collapses on her desk while Ito goes to the supernatural studies club room. Yamada finds Shiraishi’s schedule and flips through it. Inside he just finds a schedule, but somewhere inside he finds a list from Shiraishi to him. She wrote inside her locker number and locker code, her phone password, that he could eat her lunch while in her body, her house key was either in her pocket or in her bag, and if he went to her house after school she asked that he did not speak to her parents.

Yamada goes to the supernatural studies club room where Shiraishi is reading to apologize for finding the schedule filled with notes for when they switch bodies so late. She smiles and they switch back to their bodies so she can show him what she found. She found his eraser with a small doodle she made before she had her memories erased. She noted that he took care of it but in reality Yamada had never used the eraser at all.

Destroying his brain about never seeing the eraser, he comes to the conclusion that he should apologize. But is stopped when Shirashi tells him that she was happy that he had taken care of the eraser. Shiraishi thinks about how Yamada is working hard to get her memories of him back, and she tells him that even though she doesn’t have them, it isn’t a bad thing.

Oh wow, this chapter was really adorable <3

Now, next up: The Seven Deadly Sins, By: Nakaba Suzuki

Short recap: Elizabeth and Elaine kick butt during their fight against the assassins.

Chapter 164: Those Who Won’t Be Offered Up

Just as I expected, Gloxinia shows no mercy and drops the loser assassins into a dark hole. It isn’t shown what was happened to them, but they’re probably dead. Meliodas tells Elizabeth not to worry, because she did great in her fight.

Now Ban and Meliodas face their opponents, two disturbing, bird-like demons. The demons fly into the air, having Ban and Meliodas complain about how it’ll be complicated getting to them. They decided to chat instead, having Ban start with telling Meliodas that he knows he wants to see Elizabeth soon. Meliodas counters that Ban wants to hurry and be with Elaine also. Ban tells Meliodas not to confuse him with Meliodas, to which Meliodas calls Ban a child. Ban asks who the real child is, having his right hand snatched off by the smaller demon.

Meliodas asks Ban what happened to his hand, having Ban tell him not to change the subject. A new hand forms as Ban tells Meliodas that he doesn’t enjoy groping behinds like Meliodas does. The smaller demon is shocked to see that Ban’s hand came back and targets Meliodas next. Meliodas tells Ban that he doesn’t enjoy groping butt’s, but it’s the boobs he always targets. The bird hit Meliodas on the head, trying to rip it off, but instead got it’s claw stuck to Meliodas’ head.

Clearly this demon bird had no brain and decided to dive head first towards Meliodas, but unfortunately for it Ban was peeved to the max when Meliodas told him “Ban in the end, you will never know the plump springiness that is Elizabeth.” causing Ban to punch through the demon and hit Meliodas in anger.

Quite a description, Meliodas ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Seven Deadly Sins 164
Interesting cover ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The demon dies and the second, much more buff demon bird steps in with anger. Meliodas and Ban continue quarreling over which girl is the best, Elaine or Elizabeth, and in the end the demon bird dies from one slam when Meliodas kicked Ban so hard that the force killed it.

One whack slam, amirite? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) No? Okay, I’ll stop now.

In the end, the two realize that they killed both of the demons by accident, during their little fight between each other.

In a different match, King and Diane are fighting against a fairy and a giant that looks like Drole. In the midst of the battle, King drops his sacred treasure and spurts blood. He wasn’t hurt, it was just that he was in between Diane’s cleavage.

Odang, King ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Overall this chapter was kind of dumb, but too bad, so sad. Nothing I can do about it.

Next – Chapter 165: Incompatible Lovers

We now see how King and Diane’s battle started. With Diane’s memories erased, she automatically thought King was a child due to his young appearance and put him in between her boobs to protect him. Their enemies are Drole and Gloxinia’s proxies.

Gloxinia asks Drole why their proxies had to take on Diane and King of all pairings, to which Drole replies that the pairings were determined by fate and Diane and King were chosen to fight the proxies because fate decided they were better suited.

The going begins to get tough for Diane, and King tells her that he can fight too. She still believes that he is a weak child and refuses, even though he tells her that he is a fairy, a deadly sin, and not a weakling. She calls him a liar and King decides to change form to show her that only fairies can change their form.

Grossed out by King’s different form Diane tosses him out of her chest on instinct sending him straight towards the enemy. Changing back into his younger looking form in mid-air, King comes to a stop in front of Gloxinia’s proxy, realizing that she looks familiar to him. Diane tells King not to get distracted and the proxy summons a type of ivy vine that wraps around King and holds him in place. Drole’s proxy jumps in to finish the job.

On the other hand, King effortlessly frees himself and blocks Drole’s proxy’s attack with his sacred treasure. Gloxinia recognizes the spirit spear, King’s sacred treasure, and Diane asks King if he’s really just an ordinary fairy.

King tells her that he’s the Fairy King Harlequin, making Diane ask if she should call him Harlequin or King totally killing his amazing moment. Now knowing that King is the current Fairy King, Gloxinia and Drole set their proxies’ powers to full blast.

I wonder if their power levels are over 9000 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The spirit spear switches back to guardian form to protect King and Diane as King uses now of all times to confess his feelings to Diane. He tells Diane he has a confession to make to her, and she tells him that she also has one to him. Her confession is that his spirit spear is getting its butt kicked.

Seven Deadly Sins 165
“Bane” Typo?

Wow Diane, ruining the moment again.

King finally realizes that their power levels have increased to over 9000 and that the attacks of the proxies are much stronger than before. Drole’s proxy rips through the spirit spear’s guardian form and Diane jumps in the way to take the blow. Feeling dizzy, Gloxinia’s proxy uses that as a chance to strangle Diane with the ivy vines that are much stronger and also keep Diane in place for Drole’s proxy to make another attack.

A giant flash and boom happen, and Drole’s proxy is on the ground. King is emanating power over 9000 power, maybe? that let his sacred treasure release, as he tells Diane that he’ll never put Diane through anything scary again.

He’s a prince~<3

In the end, King is with his Spirit spear, Chastiefol, which is now True Spirit Chastiefol in its second form, Guardian.

Diane and King are so cute <3

Last, but not least – Fairy Tail, By: Hiro Mashima!

Short recap: Ultear is alive and brought Chelia, Carla and Wendy to DiMaria’s frozen time zone.

Chapter 475: DiMaria Chronos Yesta

Ultear’s butt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Everybody looks at Ultear, the three girls surprised by Ultear’s youthful appearance and DiMaria surprised in general. DiMaria asks Ultear if she’s the one who hit play on time, but Ultear tells her that time is still frozen and that she is a being who can exist while time is stopped.

Ultear just told them that she can only bounce around in her youthfulness if she crashed her way into other people’s frozen time slots.

Ultear claims tells them that she, someone who can’t roam around freely in existing time, found herself there.

DiMaria whines about how Ultear is ruining her world for being there and Carla figures out that because DiMaria can stop time it explains how she could defeat her opponents in an instant.

Some Ultear love for a bit as Ultear explains how it isn’t so bad living between times and using her power she could bring the three girls to the frozen time zones. DiMaria flips her lid and tells Ultear to leave like a whiny brat

DiMaria, you used to be cool D:

Ultear’s face cracks a bit and she tells them that she can’t help them fight because she’s some kind of image, or echo of herself like Cortana or something.

DiMaria doesn’t listen and tries to cut Ultear. Then realizes that she’s like a thought projection, as Ultear tells the girls to hurry up and fight since she can’t keep them there forever. The sky sisters are back and attack, continuing their fight with DiMaria.

DiMaria decides to show them how she can control time and even I was wondering. Then she breaks her shoulder guard thingies and releases a bunch of magical power towards Wendy and Chelia and breaks the ground under them, then does a God Soul Takeover.

Where’s Mirajane when you need her? D:

And was that magical power over 9000? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Have I overused the joke yet?

Ultear is astonished by how DiMaria has the power of a god and Carla says that it isn’t possible.

Fairy Tail 475
Good Ol’ Friends

How is it possible for Mirajane to have been able to take over the power of a demon at such a young age and take over the soul of another demon during the Tartaros arc but taking over the soul of a god is impossible??? D:<

The reason why DiMaria is apart of the Alabreth Empire makes sense now though, I would also recruit someone who has the power of a God Soul and the god of time makes it better.

DiMaria is a totally different person and is now known as Chronos, the god of time. Chronos tells everyone that she was worshipped from ancient times in the capital of Mildian and she and a descendant of that people merged together. More than likely DiMaria was the descendant. Chelia exclaims that she’ll be able to put up a fight if Chronos is really a god since she is a god slayer.

Then Chronos puts her finger up and points at Wendy, Carla notices something and pushes Wendy out of the way. Chronos goes all finger pistol on Wendy and shoots Carla instead. Carla is shot through the stomach and dying, and Ultear thinks about how she never saw the attack coming.

No one but Carla did, Ultear. Keep up. /:

Note: Finger Pistol is just a joke reference guys, it’s not really an attack move in Fairy Tail <:

Carla explains that she had a premonition but she wasn’t fast enough. Carla, don’t you know talking makes the bleeding worse? It’s Wendy’s turn to flip her lid, now! Wendy screams for Carla to stay with her as Carla has the face of someone who has already passed. Wendy starts crying as Chronos tells them that she will kill everyone for defiling her world. Ultear reassures Wendy, telling her that Carla is still alive and she took her out of the stopped time area to preserve her life.

Ultear’s body is really cracked up, and she tells the girls that they need to hurry and beat DiMaria. From seeing their fearless, gallant faces Ultear makes a proposal. She offers the girls their third origin from the future in exchange for all of their magic. Meaning, if they unlock their third origin from the future, they will not be able to use magic again.

Wow, Ultear. D:< Life or death situation and this is what they’re faced with?! This isn’t even Ultear’s fault. WHY MASHIMA, WHY?!

The feels were real for me. These poor little girls having to make the ultimate sacrifice to win one of the ultimate battles. ;-;

Fairy Tail 475 - Goodbye Magic
The feels ;-;

Next up – Chapter 476: Farewell, Magical Girl

Ow, my feelings just from that title ;-;

Wendy and Chelia take some time discussing with each other about the third origin and both volunteer for it. Ultear tells them that she admires their determination but only one can access their third origin so that the other can heal Carla.

Chronos comes to fight the girls, and Wendy pushes Chelia out of the way while prompting Ultear to grant her the power. Wendy goes into Dragon force as Ultear begins to cast the spell and give Wendy the third origin. Wendy attacks Chronos but deals no damage. Chronos then counters with her attack, age scratch, which seems to attack Wendy with pain all over that could possibly be combined from all of the time that she had experienced pain.

Chelia asks Ultear to stop because Wendy still needs her magic. Chronos uses another age scratch, and then shoots Wendy in the leg with her finger pistol. Wendy wonders why she doesn’t have anymore power, questioning if her third origin was unlocked. Wendy is unable to move and long haired Chelia comes in to save the day.

I think her boobs got bigger too YAY CHELIA IS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY, BUT WHAT’S THIS?! LONG HAIR?!

Chelia tells Wendy that she can leave it to her and she’ll win. She apologizes for needing to use Wendy as a distraction while Ultear cast the spell, and Ultear’s face starts to shatter. A flashback is shown of Chelia begging Ultear to cast the spell on her instead. With Fairy Tail being the main guild in the battle, Chelia knew that Wendy would need her magic and insisted that Ultear cast the spell on her not only because Wendy needed her magic but also because she was a god slayer, and her magic was designed to defeat gods.

Chelia tells everyone that it’ll be her last concert, and because she’s fighting for her best friend she’s on top of the world and she punches Chronos right in the face. More fighting between the two as Chelia tells DiMaria that her magic is for taking down the bad gods, and Ultear notices DiMaria is coming out of God Soul.

Chelia goes into a feels moment, and thinks about how she’s always been clumsy at everything except magic. How magic gave her the opportunity to meet the many important people in her life and how she loves them and magic. Then she puts all of her power into the last magic she’ll ever do.

Wendy screams that she and Chelia will always be friends through her crying, and Chelia thinks about how she’s found something more important than magic. Then using her finishing blow which I could not find the translation too on the page, Dimaria was defeated and her world crumbled. Chelia reverted back to normal, minus the magic Ultear vanishes, the battle’s minor battles continue and Wendy has to quickly heal Carla before she dies from bleeding out.

Fairy Tail 476
Look at Happy, so irrelevant to this chapter <:

As Wendy heals Carla, Carla asks why she’s crying, and Wendy finds it hard to explain, as she says that they were supposed to be the ones to save Chelia as Carla is still confused and asks what happened to Ultear not realizing that she was pushed out of the battle. Chelia tells Wendy not to cry, because people can live without magic I sure do, at least and that love is stronger than magic. Wendy continues to cry while agreeing and Ultear sits in her unidentified home thinking about how if only she had true strength like Wendy and Chelia did when she was still in her youth.

Goodbye, Magical girl indeed. ;-;

This chapter was nice, no romance but bittersweet friendship ;-;


Can’t wait for the next chapter to all of these series, and I hope you’ll join me next time!

You can read Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Fairy Tail all on Crunchyroll. If you’d like to read older chapters you need a premium account, but the latest chapter is available for free until the next chapter releases. All three of these manga are published by Kodansha Comics.

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Here is a new article series I will be working on. Along with when Tokyo Ghoul starts back called Spoiler Alert! Creative, I know. You will notice that I will mostly do these titles in Spoiler Alert! because they are what I read weekly, I may even start doing Attack on Titan if I feel up to it.

Note: If you’d like to catch up with these manga, you can find them simulpub on crunchyroll.com and you can buy the volumes at kodanshacomics.com

Because I like to save the best for last, and not that I think this is the worst title, it’s just the newest I have started Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches! By: Miki Yoshikawa

Previously on Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches: Yamada is a tough boy whom everyone fears. Seven is the magic number in this manga, and there are seven witches in a group everywhere! Yamada has the power to copy a witch’s power by making contact through a kiss. Even though he may not like it, where we are, the seven witches are all male and he has to kiss each one to find out what their power is! Join me in this article to find out the crazy things Yamada will have to go through so far to find all seven of the male witches, their powers and get his memories back.

Chapter 195: My chest sorta aches…

Tamaki tells Yamada that a new witch has been found. Yamada asks what the witch’s power was only to have Tamaki reply that he didn’t know and that was why he called in Yamada. Tamaki tells Yamada that the girl in charge of finding out the power gave up and that girl is Odagiri. Having had her memories erased due to the 7th witch’s power which Yamada possessed for a short time it seems Tamaki has given Odagiri a story filled with holes. She informs Yamada that whenever she sees him her chest sorta aches, having Yamada flash back to the time Odagiri confessed her feelings for him. It is revealed by Odagiri that Tamaki told her that Yamada liked her.   yamada_bw

Poor dear doesn’t know that she’s in love with a taken boy. The drama. The tragedy. The she had a chance with Ushio. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Odagiri and Yamada go to class 3-H to meet the witch Alex Spencer, a foreign exchange student from the states.It is shown that Odagiri is very friendly to the foreign exchange student and seems to be the only one who talks with him. His classmates used to surround him  a lot because he was a foreigner but him having a hard time communicating pushed them away. Alex can speak Japanese but still has a hard time communicating with others. Odagiri tells Alex that he is a loner, and calls over Yamada telling Alex that he too is a loner and they should get along. In response Alex says “Friends Forever” having jumped far from get along.

Yamada, being him, tries to quickly find out the power and uses the knowledge that “Foreigners kiss as greetings” to steal a kiss from Alex and find out what the witch power is, only to have it not work.

Yamada that’s not how you get someone to kiss you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

When Yamada decides to give up and tells Odagiri to also, since she is already so busy and seems to not want to deal with it. She shows that she is really concerned for Alex and doesn’t want him to be alone and not have any friends.

Next scene we see Yamada and Alex outside talking. Yamada tells Alex that if there’s anything on his mind he can talk to Yamada about it. Alex thinks for a moment and tells him that he has no problems, to which Yamada responds that he has to have a problem. [Witch powers are born from an upset student attending the school making some kind of wish that resembles their power]. Odagiri is hiding behind a tree watching their conversation and overhears Alex ask Yamada what’s going on between him and Odagiri.

Odagiri blushes confused and probably thinking that Yamada will say that he once had a thing for her. Then next chapter he’ll probably say nothing, and that they’re just friends. He has a girlfriend, Odagiri gets her heart torn to pieces again, confusion. I’m not sure, just guesses. I’ll definitely be surprised if Yamada acts like what Tamaki told her was true.

Next up: The Seven Deadly Sins! Also known as Nanatsu no Taizai, By: Nakaba Suzuki

Previously on The Seven Deadly Sins: Diane, Ban, Meliodas, Elizabeth and the rest of the gang regroup inside of the deadly maze to find the members of the Ten Commandments and make it to the center. Ban finds Elaine, King and Jericho together but is put off by a strange feeling, Diane is reunited with Matrona, more friends reunited together. The power everyone (but Jericho) feels is the power of two members of the Ten Commandments. The two commandments are known as Drole and The First Fairy King Gloxinia. Gloxinia kills all of the participants who are still roaming around the maze, believing that the ones in the center are enough to start the “Game”. Gowther and Escanor arrive at the scene late, and Gloxinia stabs Escanor through the chest and then revives him before he dies to show the power she will grant to those who win. Drole divides everyone into teams of two and we get a cliff hanger with Elizabeth and Elaine teamed together.

Chapter 163: The Princess and The Saint

Elaine and Elizabeth are paired against deadly assassins. Gloxinia explains that the way to win your battle is to either kill your opponents, render them unable to fight, or push them out of the ring. Elizabeth finds out that she is partnered with Elaine, probably wondering how she’s alive. When the assassins start the attack, targeting Elizabeth first Elaine blasts them away with her amazing fairy powers but still keeps them in the ring. More idle chit chat between the two ladies.

ಠ_ಠ This is a death match you are in right now, and highly trained assassins are trying to kill you both!

seven deadly sins_bwThe assassins throw smoke bombs, Elizabeth gets bitten by a poisonous snake in the shoulder, Elaine flips because Elizabeth got bit. Elaine is amazing and has the jump over everyone because she’s a fairy and she can fly so that’s what she did. Flew above the arena, used some more fairy powers, and almost killed the oldest assassin.

Elizabeth came back with the shoulder part of her outfit gone and no bite mark to be seen. Not only so but Elizabeth being the sweet, naive princess she is she heals the almost dead assassin with her amazing druid( I think that’s what it is) powers and heals him up. She does so because they are from a kingdom that was once very close to Liones, but because of two chief Holy Knights they messed up that peace to try and get that kingdom to subservient to them.

And, chapter end.

Hopefully the guy doesn’t get up and try to kill her again and just forfeits. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gloxinia kills anyone who lost and lived.

Now it is time for Fairy Tail! By: Hiro Mashima

Previously on Fairy Tail: Fairy Tail and the supporting guilds from the Grand Magic Games are still fighting to keep Magnolia safe against the Albareth Empire. Laxus was fighting Wall and was having a hard time keeping up due to the anti-magic particles he consumed during the Tartaros Arc. Not only that, but because Wall was a type of robotic life-form, lighting did not work against him. Wall also failed to realize that using lightning based attacks only enhanced Laxus’ power. Laxus used his brain like a smarty pants and created a jutsu-shiki or enchantment around Wall. Wall uses a particle canceler spell not only cancelling the jutsu-shiki but also the anti-magic particles that were giving him the advantage over Laxus. Laxus creates Red-black lightning to defeat Wall.

Chapter 474: In the Silence of Time

Natsu is resting in the infirmary and Lucy is sleeping at his bed-side. Happy thinks about the events that unfolded when they encountered Zeref. He told himself that he’d find a way to save Natsu and defeat Zeref.fairy tail_bw

Warren tells the others inside of the guild that two of the Spriggan Twelve have been defeated meaning that there are only eight left causing the guild members inside to cheer. Until Makarov destroys all that telling them that there are still ways for them to be defeated, and he asks Mavis what she thinks they should do. She tells him that she needs some time to think, wondering what can they do to defeat Zeref.

In Southern Fiore, Gray, Lyon, and Juvia are fighting troops from the Albareth Empire. Juvia is almost attacked from above until someone’s magic stops the threat. They look behind and see Meredy from Crime Sorciere telling them that Crime Sorciere is joining the battle. In the background Lyon thinks Meredy is cute.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Mashima has granted my wish. Lyredy is no longer just a crack ship. It has been noticed.

Erza and Kagura are making their way to the harbor when two members of the Four Heraldy Knights of the Neinhart Division step in the way. Kagura and Erza quickly get them out of the way. From above two more of the Four Heraldy Knights tries to attack until Erza’s husband Jellal comes in at the right time and saves them. Erza tells Jellal to hide his face to which he replies that he is through running and he is there to take down Zeref. Kagura is staring at Jellal, obviously not having gotten over the misunderstanding of “Jellal killed my brother”.

Smh, Kagura.

Wherever Dimaria is, Wendy, Carla, and Chelia are fighting her there with her troops in the background. Dimaria freezes time and thinks of a way to mess with the girls, wondering if she should rip up Wendy’s clothes, killing them all would be too easy, but then decides to kill Wendy to confuse the other two girls and because Wendy kicked her in the face. As she swings her sword closer to Wendy’s neck, Wendy jumps in the air in time signaling Chelia to which they do a team sky arrow attack. Wendy explains to Chelia that she heard a voice, and Chelia agrees. A woman in the background talks about how they are in the time between times, shocking Carla. The woman is in fact Ultear. Young Ultear that we’ve always known.

Another wish has been granted. Ultear has returned to her natural age once more!

Overall I liked all of the chapters! Elizabeth and Elaine showing their stuff, Yamada finding another witch, and Ultear coming back not to mention some Lyredy too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Thanks for reading this Spoiler Alert article, and I hope you all will join me next time!

You can read Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Fairy Tail all on Crunchyroll. If you’d like to read older chapters you need a premium account, but the latest chapter is available for free until the next chapter releases. All three of these manga are published by Kodansha Comics.


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