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Your friends at Fandom City are celebrating the coming holiday with Netflix’s recent Christmas special: Jingle Jangle. We discuss how much we enjoyed the movie, our favorite parts, and what surprised us. We also dive into some complaints we’ve seen around about the movie and even argue about what exactly makes a Christmas movie. Come listen in on our discussion and we hope you have a great holiday and rest of the year!

Originally Posted DEcember 25, 2020

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Kat and Mint comb through “Bad Hair” in this Fandom City Cinema discussion. Though Kat and Mint found this movie to be quite the hairy situation, they tried not to split too many ends. Tune in to hear about what they found funny, what they thought was strange, and their overall feel for the movie’s story. 

I’m sorry for all of the puns.

Originally Posted November 9, 2020

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