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Quantico. Oh Quantico. My first thought while watching the pilot was, why are all of these people so attractive? They don’t all do it for me personally but they are quite attractive people, well at least the folks who get speaking lines anyway. That’s all fine and dandy for some TV shows but FBI recruits? I am quite happy to see a few people of color, and I am especially happy to see that the lead who’s kickin’ ass is a woman of color (Priyanka Chopra). I love her character, Alex, in spite of some annoying traits. The question I had to ask and answer for myself: am I really supposed to just toss out all ideas of reality? ALL of them? Yes. Ok I got that out of my system.


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Alex (Chopra) and Ryan (McLaughlin) right before you know what…

I know I’m not the only one distracted by the abundance of good-looking people, but am I the only one preparing for the worst? What am I calling the worst? The syndrome that destroys so many good network dramas: steamy love and/or sex storylines. I know workplace romance is a thing but I would love to make it through a drama on broadcast TV that is not ruined by it. I enjoy a good ship and I love an OTP (Willicia for life! Shout-out to The Good Wife at its peak) but I love them in my mind.  I just don’t need to see the love triangles and quadrangles so early into a show that started off pretty promising.


The writing in Quantico isn’t award-worthy and the acting isn’t going to jumpstart careers. However, the production value and dynamic editing make up for what could have been borderline mediocre. I enjoy the show so far but in the first two episodes alone, there was a quickie in the car, a line about the man “we both loved,” and more hot, sexy flirting than anyone needs while training for the FBI. Shouldn’t they be focused on the job at hand? I don’t mind characters getting action- we all got needs!- but this is the very downfall of shows that start off solid then lose focus. For a couple of weeks they teased what looked like fantasy role-playing between Alex and her colleague Ryan (Jake McLaughlin), and I was happy when we made it through episodes 3 and 4 without the romance. Well, episode 5 (“Found”) stopped the teasing and brought the noise- double time! There wasn’t just one, there were two sensual moments between characters who can’t seem to resist each other. Is this what we have to expect for the rest of the season? Judging by the promo for next week, the answer is yes.

alex ryan
Alex (Chopra) and Ryan (McLaughlin) after their first encounter.

It’s disappointing but I get it. I know you have to target certain demographics. Men 18-49 aren’t going to watch a show with a female lead who isn’t incredibly gorgeous and getting some, so let’s target those women! Well guess what, women can’t get anywhere in life without finding love first. Hence, a decent action-oriented drama starring a woman of color supported by beautiful people who are all going to get it on. I know it’s just a show but still, I would hate to believe sexy time is really the only way to get FBI work done.  There has to be another way!

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