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Image from Dr. Hell No – Season 2, Episode 3

On this past week’s episode of Black-ish (Dr. Hell No – S2. E3), Dre (Anthony Anderson) was nervous about Pops (Laurence Fishburne) needing a medical procedure for his heart. Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross) was trying to comfort him, so she hugged him and they pecked on the cheek. Hmm. In case you didn’t know, Rainbow is Dre’s wife. Now I’m not saying they had to go into a full on makeout sesh but a comforting peck on the cheek? It was the kind of peck that Europeans and pretentious Americans hand out to people they see at networking events and cocktail parties. You know, that incomplete kiss that’s more air than flesh. Hmm.

I would have let it go but not too long later, when the doctor tells Dre that Pops had a successful surgery and everything is fine, what does Dre do? He promptly kisses the doctor square on the mouth. Huh? Why would you have lip-to-lip contact with this person you don’t know but air peck your wife in a moment of comfort? Even worse, when they are hanging with Pops in the hospital room, his ex-wife Ruby (Jenifer Lewis) comes in, makes a smart comment then tells him she’s happy he’s ok- followed by what? You guessed it. Lip-to-lip kiss!! They hate each other and they get mouth action??

Dre and Bow- what’s the deal? Should we be worried…?

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