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Word of advice to television and movie executives: stop teasing people by casting actors of color in major roles, then tossing them to the side once you get us hooked. The bait and switch tactics, and Hollywood tokenism of yesteryear may have worked before, but they won’t now. There are far too many entertainment options for us and we no longer have to settle for less. Although there are many examples I can mention, right now I will focus on Iris West from CW’s The Flash. Not to worry, I’ll get to the other characters of color wasted on popular TV shows.

The past few episodes, and more specifically, the most recent episode, Enter Zoom, have taken a toll on me . . . and many other viewers, if I go by what I’ve been reading on the internet. This game of hide and seek, where Iris is concerned, the writers/producers are playing is not working for me. At all.

Iris in blackSince the beginning of this season, Iris has been pushed to the side and ignored. As an investigative reporter, with many resources, she is an important part of “Team Flash”. Now that she is finally aware that Barry is The Flash, she has some involvement–though not enough for my taste– in the various meta-human cases. Whenever something major happens, she’s already around, or brought in to the loop. So why the hell would Iris not be asking more questions about Dr. Light? Why is she not investigating . . . anything? Seriously, this woman; a woman that is a freaking doppelganger for her coworker, was sent from Earth Two to kill her “best friend”, killed her boss and tried to kill said coworker. But, Iris is not looking into this. What? Give me a freaking break. Why was Iris not a major part of the episode?

But newly promoted Detective Perky is on the case. That makes as much sense as…not a damn thing. Having Patty on the case is just a way to keep “Felicity Smoak 2.0” in the story. The thing is, Iris is being kept out of the story. I’m not here for that. No. Not at all. Why is Patty Spivot being placed where Iris should be? Romance aside, what is her purpose? I know she’s in the comic books. Okay great. We are all fully aware of Guggenheim and company’s commitment to the comic. Right? Am I Right? No? No. Just ask all the Laurel and Black Canary fans from Arrow. Canon is optional. For now, forget the romance, that can be (will be) discussed another time.

So, what does it take to get promoted to detective in the Central City Police Department? A) Be on Joe’s good side B) Crush on the forensics investigator C) Be an annoying twit that follows you around gabbing endlessly until you get what you want D) All of the above.

I’m not even going to get into the major question of the night – Why the hell wasn’t Iris at Barry’s bedside when he woke up? Barry gets the crap kicked out of him, had his back broken, then was dragged around Central City like an old rag doll, and Iris wasn’t there when he came to. Oh hell-to-the-no. Seriously? Wifey Iris wipes freaking ketchup off Barry’s face when they’re on a double date (not with each other), but she’s gonna chill at home when he awakens and realizes he’s probably paralyzed. Hahahaha . . .  Lolololol . . . NO! NOPE!

Iris no Iris2

This garbage wouldn’t be happening if the writers weren’t baiting ship wars. Yes, flipping ship wars; I kid you not. The writers are treating fans like a bunch of teenage girls fighting over Edward, Bella, and Jacob. Jacob, right? Oh thank goodness for IMDB. Anyway, the writers are pulling out all the stops to provoke a ship war. Well, not all the stops. They seem to be taking Iris out of the running. Well, okay. Good luck with that.

Iris West2I am curious why the producers of The Flash went out of their way to make it known they cast an African American woman (Candice Patton) in the role of Iris West; the canon love interest for Barry Allen. Once the show started, they proceeded to push the lead to the side for Caitlin last season, and now Patty this season. Hold on . . . I can answer my own question. By virtue of The Flash being The Flash the big wigs knew the hubbub about casting a woman of color would get attention. It was almost a given, comic book fans would give the show a shot. Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and other DC and Marvel shows have had success on television. They knew people would tune in. Casting people of color in major roles (Joe and Iris) would get more people to watch. Comic book fans love their comic book characters but people of color love seeing people like them on screen. Bingo! It’s the 21st century; it’s past time TV shows started reflecting the diversity of the real world. Plus interracial couples are everywhere. The CW is progressive. Right? They seem to have more brown faces on their shows than the other networks. We can make this happen.

Psych, psych motorbike! Let’s just make them think this is going happen.

Iris and Eddie_2After an episode or two of teasing the potential of Barry and Iris, they threw in some angst. Iris started dating dreamy Eddie Thawne. A real sweetheart and gorgeous, too. Hmm. Iris will still be part of an interracial couple, so it’s all good. The producers convince themselves they’re still progressive. Nevermind, the fact that Eddie is not Barry or a main character. Plus they kinda make Iris look like a superficial dillweed; foregoing the undying love of her geeky best friend for a relationship with the handsome blonde cop.

Iris you shallow bitch. Put Barry with Caitlin; she understands him and would appreciate him more. Who cares that she’s mourning the loss of her true love? Ronnie sacrificed himself so Caitlin could be with Barry.

Here we are in season two, Eddie is dead. He died a hero. But Barry and Iris can’t be together. It’s too soon. Iris has to mourn the loss of Eddie. Although, we haven’t seen any evidence of mourning. Well, she did have on a nice little black dress last night. We all mourn in different ways. I cry for a little while, Caitlin throws herself at Jay Garrick (Earth Two Flash) and Iris wears badass dresses.

So not only can Iris and Barry not be together, because she’s in mourning, but she’s also dealing with finding out her mother was never dead but is now dying, and she has a brother she never knew about. Didn’t you love that scene when Barry comforted her after finding out all this crap at once? No? Why not? Oh, because it never happened. What the ever-loving fu . . .fumbleberry! We’re not seeing Iris mourn the loss of her boyfriend, and to add insult to injury, we don’t get to see her deal with the emotional baggage her mother just dropped in her lap. What? But hey, Patty Spivot is quirky and cute.

Oh wait, there’s more. It’s time for Barry to sow his wild oats. I mean come on, Iris had her chance. Now it’s Barry’s turn. Enter Felicity’s annoying twin Patty “Talk Too Effing Much” Spivot. I don’t like this woman. Not because of the ship nonsense; because she’s an irritating version of Felicity. I really didn’t think that was possible, but apparently I was wrong. She’s all chatter, quirky, chatter; say something silly like Felicity did in the first season of Arrow. Been there done that.  “Detective West, can I work with you? Do you want my number, Barry?” SHUT UP! What seemed cute and funny on Arrow a year and half ago, now grates like nails on a chalkboard on The Flash. Make it stop. Please!!

I see people saying she’s perfect for Barry. Why? Because she’s a geek or because she’s a pretty blonde?  Now that Snowbarry is temporarily on hold because Caitlin has her nose wide open for Jay. Let’s go with Perky Patty. Yeah, whatever. I get it; Patty is part of the story. Right, okay. Again, I ask, why is she taking over the story?

Iris and BarryA small part of me believes the writers and showrunners are going for the slow burn relationship between Barry and Iris. OOOOOHHHH. Let them see other people while always finding their way back to each other; the real endgame couple. This would be a pretty decent route to go, if the show was guaranteed to be on for a few more years and they knew that actors would be there for however long it takes for that burn to build into something significant. But those guarantees aren’t there. Are they? Did I miss the announcement that The CW was committing to the show until Marc Guggenheim and Greg Berlanti decide to pull their thumbs from their asses and put on the show the fans want to see? I mean, it is possible; but doubtful.

The writers and producers need to stop playing these games. The Flash is not the only game in town. They are not just competing with major broadcast and cable networks. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are coming up with some interesting original programming. Now, YouTube is trying to get a foot in with YouTube Red. I point that out because my son watches more YouTube than anything. Tobuscus, Markiplier and Pewdiepie have huge followings.

Plus you have people like me, who will turn off the cable box and turn on Funimation and Crunchyroll, play a video game or just read a book. Entertainment options are wide and varied. If The Flash is to remain one of my options, then the writers and producers need to stop playing games. Utilize Iris more, bring in Wally and tone down Patty. For heaven’s sake, please tone down Patty.

Marc Guggenheim and Greg Berlanti thought they were being bold when they cast Candice Patton as Iris West. I have a suggestion (a request); be bolder. Now that you have a woman of color in such a pivotal role as the canon love interest of major DC Comic character – use her. Write an amazing story for her and give her a chance to act her ass off. I have faith she can do it. Give her that moment to shine. You won’t be sorry and I bet your ratings will soar. Yeah, you may piss off a few small-minded fangirls, but it will be worth it.

Barry and Zoom

Oh wait. I failed to mention Zoom is freaking awesome. Bravo, Tony Todd.

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Note: Contains some spoilers from DAI: Trespasser

It’s been about a month since I finished Dragon Age Inquisition: Trespasser. I’m still a wee bit perturbed.

Francesca listening to Cullen_450
Inquisitor Francesca Trevelyan

I wish there was an option for my Inquisitor Trevelyan to tell the Fereldens and Orlesians to go screw themselves. Yeah, I know she gets to lightweight snap and tell them she’ll save the world, again. But seriously, I would have died if she had flipped them the bird and yelled “good luck saving yourselves from Solas, you rotten bastards” as she sauntered out the front door.  Ooh, that would have made my day.

What Happened?

First of all, Orlais can suck it.

I’ve been ride-or-die with Ferelden for 3 games, 15 DLCs and an expansion pack -I didn’t play Leliana’s Song, The Darkspawn Chronicle or The Golems of Amgarrak. Damn, for someone that just got into the Dragon Age series about a year and a half ago, I sure have spent a nice piece of change on these games. Did I mention I’ve read all the books? You’re welcome, Bioware.

Anyhoo, Arl Teagan really had me second-guessing all the choices I made during the series. I mean come on, he had the gall to crawl up my inquisitor’s ass to bitch about the Inquisition that saved his sorry Podunk town. Who slithered out of Redcliffe with his tail between his legs and cried to Alistair? Not Inquisitor Trevelyan! Nope! She only walked in like the boss she is and saved the damn day.

Arl Teagan Guerrin

Who saved Crestwood from the walking dead and bandits? It wasn’t Arl Teagan Guerrin’s bitch-ass. In two games that chump stood on the sidelines while someone saved his home. Let’s not forget the Hero of Ferelden went to Redcliffe looking to get assistance fighting the blight and ended up saving the town from the undead. What’s up with Ferelden and the undead?

“But Teagan it’s me! I’m the Hero of Ferel . . . oh wait, I’m Inquistor Trevelyan. Nevermind.”  My thoughts when he first yelled at my inquisitor.

Grrr . . . Teagan should be begging The Inquisition to stick around. When he should have been standing his ground against a crazy Tevinter magister, he backed down. He left his arling and his people defenseless to a bunch of lunatics. Luckily my inquisitor, being the hardcore, demon slaying, Venetori crushing, bad-ass she is, rides in doin’ her thang. A little lightning crackling here, an ice mine there, then flash fire. My inquisitor likes to see her enemies burn.

Thus, Redcliffe is saved. What does she get in return? A letter demanding reparations. Wait . . . What? And the letter had a lightweight threat to snitch to Alistair. At least that’s how I took it. Of course, the Inquisition gives in and starts reconstruction in Redcliffe. “Thanks for the save, guys. Now, could you foot the bill for the reconstruction?” Hmm, I wonder if the Inquisition threw in a new windmill.

In hindsight, it sucked that I felt obligated to assist with the reconstruction. It’s not like the Inquisition gave the rebel mages safe harbor in Redcliffe. That was the King of Ferelden. Nor did my Inquisitor Trevelyan set up an alliance with Tevinter. Maybe Teagan should redirect that anger. I know I would. Ha! Who am I kidding? I could never be mad at Alistair (or Fiona for that matter).

In the next game, I hope Solas goes straight to Redcliffe. It seems to be the weakest place in Thedas.

Quick question – Do you think as Teagan was creeping out of Redcliffe, he even once considered taking his emotionally distraught nephew? I mean he went to Alistair. I’m sure Connor would have been more than welcome.

Whatever! Teagan is an asshat. So is just about everyone in Orlais. I still love Alis . . . err Ferelden.

Hmm, this seemed more like Angry Rachele. Ah, what the hell! I was the one playing the game.  Maybe my Inquisitor Lavellan won’t be as angry. But there is Solas . . .yes, Solas. Now he’s a special can of worms.

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Partially Spoiler-Free

Prison School is one of the most vulgar, gross, and silly anime I’ve ever watched . . . and I keep watching it. Why? Well, that is the million dollar question.

Andre, Joe, Gakuto, Shingo, & Kiyoshi

I love all types of anime. I’m open to any genre; however ecchi is at the bottom of my list. There has to be a good story for me to endure characters with abnormally large breasts and endless crotch shots. I was pretty sure Prison School wouldn’t be my cup of tea, but I gave it a shot. Surprisingly, it has a decent storyline.

Usually, when Funimation announces the simulcast shows for the upcoming season, I wait to see which shows will be dubbed. -Fingers crossed, patiently waiting for dubbed episodes of Seraph of the End: Part 2- Prison School was one of the shows that was dubbed. I try a new show 2-3 episodes before I decide this isn’t the show for me.

Quick Synopsis

Hachimitsu Academy is a private school for girls that has recently started enrolling boys. Kiyoshi, Gakuto, Shingo, Andre and Joe are the only boys enrolled. This doesn’t go over well with most of the girls, especially the members of the Underground Student Council. The boys are caught peeping on girls changing, arrested and given the option to spend a month in the school prison or be expelled. Of course they chose prison. Why the hell is there a prison in the school? 

 I’m Surprised I’m Still Watching


After the first episode, I remember thinking “if there is one more incident with pee, I’m out of here”. Then boom . . . accidental golden showers in the very next episode. What the what? Seriously?

Then there’s Meiko, the vice-president of the Underground Student Council (I call her Boobs McGee) and her endless blacked-out crotch shots. And series of crude moments.  I mean really . . . this show is not for the faint of heart prude-type.  Did I mention the headmaster of the school is a real perve that indulges in his inappropriate fetishes at school?

What Keeps Me Watching?

I want to see the boys win.


These girls in the Underground Student Council are ridiculous. Mean, abusive and just plain insane. Hana is a real nutcase. So is Mari, the President; she’s the daughter of the headmaster. Clearly she’s working through some daddy issues and taking them out on the boys. During most of the series, the Underground Student Council has had the upper hand over the boys. I watch every week, rooting for the boys, hoping they’ll turn the tables on these wacky broads. At episode 10, it looks like they may get their chance.


Everything about Prison School is so crazy over-the-top, you can’t help but laugh. I think that’s the point. I think the creators have done a good job. I don’t foresee myself seeking out other ecchi anime in the near future, but Prison School has been truly entertaining.



Watch subbed episodes Prison School on Funimation and Hulu. Get a Funimation All-Access Pass to watch English dubbed episodes.

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After a few days of uncertainty, I’ve decided I will watch the season premiere of Arrow.  First there was the ship that nearly sunk the show for me and I wasn’t feeling the season finale. Yeah, season 3 had its ups and downs, but it was still entertaining. Now add Stephen Amell’s Twitter incident (yeah, I’m still a little peeved but I won’t rehash old news; what’s done is done) had me rethinking my Arrow loyalty.


I was late to the party with Arrow, having only started watching last season. I got into because of my sister, who on more than one occasion insisted . . . I mean urged me to watch the show. Every Wednesday, her Twitter was on fire so I had to see what that was about. I binged watched seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix and I bought the first 4 episodes of season 3 on Amazon Instant. Obviously, I became an instant fan. I love Oliver and Diggle. Who doesn’t? And when the writers pointed me in the direction of the Olicity ship, I hopped on board with everyone else, even though I thought crazy Helena was a better match for him. I mean, she seemed to understand him more than any other woman he “dated”. She wouldn’t have tried to change him, unlike do-gooder Felicity. Snore. It didn’t take me long to hop off the Olicity train.

Oliver and Felicty

I know, I know . . . “Felicity grounds Oliver; she makes him a better man”. Blah, blah, blah. In my opinion (IN MY OPINION), Felicity weakens him. Not to mention, the off and on childish love story was boring and didn’t give me a reason to give a damn about them . . . well, Felicity (I’ve always been an Oliver Fan First). If I’m being honest, season 3 killed any like I had for Felicity; she has become a truly annoying character. Did they find Deadshot, yet? I have a job for him. It would be nice if Shadow wasn’t dead so she could pop up in Starling City. Oh, the joys of wishful thinking.

Season 3 had its moments, but for me the finale lacked that something special that compelled me to binge the first 2 seasons. I like the finale but I was disappointed at the same time. These few WTF moments from the finale ruined things for me:

  • Felicity rescuing Oliver in the Atom suit was a bit much for me.
  • Why the hell is Nyssa the not new the Ra’s?
  • Olicity riding off into the sunset like it was a series finale was lame.
  • The death of Ra’s al Ghul was blah. Who believes he’s really dead? I don’t. He lived for nearly 200 years. He took a dip in the Lazarus Pit on a regular basis. He’s not dead.

As the new fall season drew closer, I thought I’d go ahead and give Arrow a chance. Then I heard about Stephen Amell’s the Twitter kerfuffle. For a moment, I thought maybe he didn’t want people to watch his show. Or maybe he’s ready for a new gig. It’s possible . . . doubtful, but possible.

Eric Dane – McSteamy Grey’s Anatomy’s

Like I told my sister after all of this blew up, he’s replaceable. He’s playing a comic book hero and they get replaced all the time. How many people have played Batman and Spiderman over the years? Hell, on The Flash, The Flash is playing The Flash’s dad! So replacing the guy that has yet to become the Green Arrow should be easy. Some of the fans will balk, but with a good enough storyline and good actor to step into the role, it will be fine. Picture it: Oliver grew tired of Felicity’s yammering and drove them both off a cliff on the way back from Coast City. Now transition in the real Green Arrow. Ooh, maybe Eric Dane could play him. McSteamy in green leather . . . I’m down for that. I know . . . what about Oliver’s story; his past, his family and his child? The writers can work that out. I mean come on, Oliver was stabbed through the gut, kicked off a cliff, shirtless in the cold and lived. Sarah Lance drowned a brunette and came back a blonde; was killed again and will turn up in the new DC spinoff Legends of Tomorrow. Let’s not forget Thea died and was brought back to life. I bet the writers can figure out a way to replace Oliver (or change actors), if necessary. Besides, I’m not saying they should replace Stephen Amell, I’m just saying it could be done in a believable manner.

Anyhoo, in spite of a little controversy, a boring ship, and a lame finale I will watch the season premiere. Actually, I’m looking forward to it.

Quick question: Where is Nanda Parbat in relation to Starling City? I mean damn, with the exception of that first trip, it seemed like Oliver was using Goku’s Instant Transmission technique to get back and forth between both places!

Season 4 of Arrow premieres Wednesday, October 7, 2015 at 9:00 pm EST, on The CW.

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Sonny Corinthos: Soap Patriarch in the Making?

A.J. held at gunpoint by Sonny. Sean Kanan (left) as A.J. Quartermaine – Maurice Bernard (right) as Sonny Corinthos

Lately, I’m getting the vibe the writers of General Hospital are trying to make Sonny Corinthos the new patriarch of Port Charles. For me, that is a big HELL NO. Michael “Sonny” Corinthos is not patriarch material. He is no Steve Hardy or Joe Martin from All My Children. Hell he’s not even an Edward Quartermaine.

Steve Hardy
John Beradino as Dr. Steve Hardy

Joe Martin
Ray MacDonnell as Dr. Joe Martin of All My Children

I grew up on soap operas. I know that many soap patriarchs don’t start off as squeaky clean, apple pie, all-American boys next door. They are human. But none, to my recollection, have been irredeemable mob kingpins.

I’m not old enough to know if Steve Hardy had flaws, though I suppose he did. Alan Quartermaine was once a philandering scoundrel and he struggled with an addiction to prescription pills. Yeah, I know he accidentally killed someone, but come on, you still can’t compare his sins to Sonny’s. Although he was an imperfect man, he was a redeemable man. As time grew, he grew and he changed. You have to admit some of his fights with Monica were classic. But that’s another story. Speaking of Alan Quartermaine; big freaking mistake killing off this character. Great going former GH writers and execs. You guys suck! I, for one, am glad you all are former. Alan should be the patriarch of the show, right now.

Alan Quartermaine
Stuart Damon as Dr. Alan Quartermaine

Don’t get me wrong, I like Sonny, sometimes and I love Maurice Bernard. I mean who doesn’t love Nico Kelly? However, being portrayed by an amazing actor doesn’t mean a character like Sonny should step into the same position as a character like Steve Hardy or Joe Martin.

Sonny is a mob boss; he’s had many people shot and/or killed. He shot his own son and the biological father of his adopted son! He is a thug. A dramatic, nuanced thug with many entertaining ups and downs, but a thug all the same. Steve Hardy is a character people still look back on fondly with admiration. A person some characters strive to be like. Sonny is not a character that should be revered to that level.

The problem is General Hospital has no one suited for that role, just yet. Most of the men on the show are relatively young, hot, and always ready to mingle. They just don’t have that patriarch-like vibe. Let me clarify; I don’t think a soap patriarch should be older and grandfatherly. He should be someone to look up to, no matter his flaws and complications. He should be a role model for other characters. I could see this being Patrick Drake one day. Or Lucas Jones. Aww, now I’m missing Tony Jones. Why? Why former GH demons? Did you not think the show would last past your piss-poor decisions? You really do suck!

I would love the future patriarch to be a Quartermaine, but Jason is just as unacceptable as Sonny; maybe more so. Jason Morgan was a soulless robot. And it can’t be Jake because . . . well, he’s Jason. If Ned comes back, he would be a great future patriarch. We’ve yet to see what direction they are going to take Michael. Plus he and Dillon are still young. So here’s an idea, forget about having a patriarch on the show and instead have a matriarch? Why not? Why should a man always be the one the whole town loves?

Monica Quartermaine
Leslie Charleson as Dr. Monica Quatermaine

My first choice for matriarch was Monica. Why? Because she’s Monica, duh! I read on a message board that Leslie Charleson is semi-retired {Ha, me and my reliable sources.}, but, Monica could still be the matriarch. Show up for holidays and weddings and drop by the hospital to read the Christmas story. Oh please have Monica read the Christmas story! No more tales of Krampus.

Tracy Quatermaine
Jane Elliot as Tracy Quartermaine

If not Monica, then of course it should be Tracy, because she’s freaking badass Tracy Angelica Quartermaine. Tracy was a piece of work back in the day; and she still is. But she has redeemed herself over time and she is more than worthy of admiration and the role of Port Charles matriarch. Tracy is hardcore and something of a sweetheart. I’ve always loved Tracy, even when she was a first class bitch. Plus, she is a far better person than Sonny Corinthos.

No matter what the writers do with Sonny going forward, they will never be able to erase the character he has been for the past two decades. Everything he did to A.J. Quartermaine and his family, the people he killed or had killed, the constant shoot-outs and all the other mob stuff. How are viewers expected forget his past? How can viewers accept him as a patriarchal figure? Now, I could be wrong. Maybe I’m misreading everything the writers have been doing lately. Perhaps they are not pushing Sonny in the direction of the future patriarch of Port Charles. But if they are . . . NO!

Why don’t they just bring back Robert Scorpio? Please!


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