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It’s Christmastime at Nakatomi Plaza, complete with money-hungry terrorists and a bloodthirsty NYC cop. You can’t say “Happy Holidays” without Die Hard! Join the crew at Fandom City as we talk non-traditional Christmas movies and the Impossible White Man trope.

Originally Posted January 2, 2021

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Your friends at Fandom City are celebrating the coming holiday with Netflix’s recent Christmas special: Jingle Jangle. We discuss how much we enjoyed the movie, our favorite parts, and what surprised us. We also dive into some complaints we’ve seen around about the movie and even argue about what exactly makes a Christmas movie. Come listen in on our discussion and we hope you have a great holiday and rest of the year!

Originally Posted DEcember 25, 2020

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In the 1970s, a few movies featuring black families did a good job of tackling the dynamics of family love, romantic love, social issues, the desire for fame and fortune, and the struggle of being black in a society that has spent centuries trying to leave us behind. One of our favorite movies, Sparkle, is a great example of one of those movies. Join the crew of Fandom City as we discuss this cult classic and the fantastic music that wasn’t used for the soundtrack album. 

Originally Posted Dember 22, 2020

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“Whatever!” “As if!” 

25 years after its release, we are discussing the 90s teen classic, Clueless. After all this time, how do we see Cher, Dionne, Tai, and the rest of those Beverly Hills kids just living their best Noxzema commercial lives? Join us as Leona, Tea, Chele, Kat & Mint press rewind and see how they feel today about this comedy favorite.

Originally Posted December 1, 2020

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Press Rewind is back with Chele, Tea, Leona, and Kat’s discussion of classic musical adaptation The Wiz. Ease on down the road with the gang as they discuss their memories with this movie, their favorite songs, and their not so favorite scenes. 

Originally Posted November 24, 2020

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Kat and Mint comb through “Bad Hair” in this Fandom City Cinema discussion. Though Kat and Mint found this movie to be quite the hairy situation, they tried not to split too many ends. Tune in to hear about what they found funny, what they thought was strange, and their overall feel for the movie’s story. 

I’m sorry for all of the puns.

Originally Posted November 9, 2020

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Oh my! That hiatus was way longer than expected. After an interesting and chaotic… long, long time…, Fandom City Podcasts are back. We’re kicking things off with a Town Hall Meeting to discuss 2020. Normally we’d chat about movies, TV shows, and entertainment, and we will get back to that. However, 2020 has been one hell of a year. It only makes sense to talk about it and talk it out. Join the discussion as Tea, Leona, Kat, and Chele get together to talk about some of the events of 2020. 

Originally Posted November 2, 2020

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Season 4 Episode 6 – The Club
Season 4 Episode 7 – The Dinner and the Date

We’re chatting about the sixth and seventh episodes of This Is Us.

Episode 6 – In the past (the 70s) Jack goes golfing with Rebecca’s father and hates it. In the 90s Jack teaches Randall how to play golf and learns a few lessons of his own. In the present Randall plays the game with other city councilmen, Kate and Toby’s physical relationship is lacking, and Kevin and Cassidy’s relationship takes an expected unexpected turn.

Episode 7 – Deja and Malik cut school, to see Malik’s Philadelphia. Randall and Beth invite Malik and his parents to dinner. In the 70s, the Pearson’s have dinner with Mr. Lawrence (Randall’s teacher) and his wife.

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