Where’s the Remote?: This Is Us S3 E7, 8, and 9

S3 E7 – Sometimes
S3 E8 – 18,615
S3 E9 – The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

Where’s the Remote is back after a holiday hiatus. Leona and Chele are discussing This Is Us, episodes seven, eight and nine of season three.

Episode seven was a pretty Jack-centric episode, even the scenes that were set in the present. We see the origin of Jack’s necklace. The necklace passed through many hands before it became important to Jack and Kevin.

Jack and Rebecca go on a road trip to California, during their time together they grow closer. We also see Jack dealing with guilt and PTSD from his time in Vietnam.

In the past, in Vietnam, Jack tries to convince Nicky’s CO to let him whip his brother back into shape. In present Vietnam, Kevin admits he’s falling for Zoe, and she reveals why she has a bad relationship with her father.

It’s Thanksgiving in the eighth episode. Toby and Kate are cooking Thanksgiving dinner, while Randall and Beth serve dinner to some of the less fortunate residents in Philly. Jaewan is not pleased with the lack of photographer and publicity or with Beth’s contributions to the campaign.

In the past, Miguel spends what turns out to be Jack’s last Thanksgiving with the Pearsons. In the present, Miguel and Rebecca have an uncomfortable Thanksgiving dinner with his children.

In Vietnam, Jack shows kindness and concern for the woman in the picture. He offers her family Thanksgiving dinner and he helps her injured son. Nicky admits why he doesn’t care for or trust the villagers.

In the present of episode nine, it’s debate time for Randall. Although he flounders a bit in the beginning, he does comeback and Obama slap Sol in the end. In spite of his rally at the end of the debate, Jaewan informs Randall the poll numbers are low, and he should consider wrapping it up. After learning Deja wants to visit her mother and Tess revealing she thinks she may be gay, Beth decides dropping the campaign is a good idea. Randall doesn’t, and things don’t end well.

Kate’s doctor suggests she give up Adele-o-grams. She later tries to get a job as a choir director in a high school. Unfortunately, she is two credits short of her degree, so the principal can’t hire her.

In Vietnam, Kevin meets a historian in the village where Jack was stationed. He’s a tad disappointed because he doesn’t find the detailed answers he hoped for. The historian and Zoe are more positive about the situation and sees this as a continuation of Jack’s story, not the end. Kevin also learns there is no record of Nicholas Pearson dying in Vietnam. Perhaps it’s because Nicky is alive and living in Pennsylvania.

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