Spoiler Alert – Fairy Tail 514

*Skipping to 514*

So if you keep up with the manga then you know what’s happening, and if you’re reading this I feel the love. Because it means to me that even though you have read it you are still coming here to read my tidbits. Which makes me feel good. Thank you.

Anyway, so I’m skipping to chapter 514 and I’ll be trying my best to backtrack (maybe). I’m not sure whether or not this needs to be backtracked since everybody could have already read it by then >v> So uh, I’m gonna just put it right here real quick.

Chapter 514 Dragon Seed

So spoilers ahead if you read my articles as a recap and now know that this is not an old chapter >v>

So we found out who Irene really is, and how she abandoned her baby girl in the town of Rosemary only to be kidnapped by crazy occultists and become one of the strongest wizards ever. that cliffhanger from last chapter was explained in this one.

So Irene was the queen of the dragons and all that fun stuff. She’s friends with all these friendly looking dragons and all these other people but there are other dragons who wanna eat humans and not be friends. Don’t be mean dragoons. And so she and her dragons fight against the man-eating dragons, and that was the beginning of the Dragon King Festival which was 400 years ago.

So Erza’s like, b-but how can you be my mother, if you were there 400 years ago?!

And Irene was like “a woman never shares her secrets.

Young Irene

In the past, Irene knew how to enchant things, and there were many dragons on her side/Ishgal’s side, who did not want to live along side humans so they joined the man-eating side, the western continent. So Irene’s faithful dragon comes along to tell her that he’d die for her and they’re losing. Then Irene is like, lemme fight with you! Enchant me with yo powas! I NEED TO BE A DRAGON SLAYER!!!

So then for some reason Irene claims every friggin orphan and says she’s the mother of all dragon slayers. Can’t you just be Erza’s mother and go home?????

Then we switch back to Natsu and his dying, comatose, dreamland state. His memories are telling him that Irene was the one who created Dragon Slayer magic and the one who told them was Anna. You know that 4th Lucy doppleganger, before Layla, Gemini, and Edo-Lucy

Dragon Seed

So back to Irene, they were able to make a lot of dragon slayers which is good! But the enchantments really messed people up, giving them major illnesses. But not only did that happen but, for all the dragon slayers, they get Dragon seeds inside their bodies which turns them into dragons, but the killer part was that that was when Irene was preg with Erza.


She need better skin care


Who’s the baby daddy tho? ;))))))

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