Tokyo Ghoul (Book 2) – Chapter 11

ya feel them eyes, man?? Them beady eyes?

Chapter 11: Mask

So in this chapter Yoshimura is telling Touka to take Kaneki to get a mask. Touka obviously doesn’t wanna do it, but then Yoshimura tells her that there are investigators in the ward, which sends shivers down her spine. So she finally agrees to them meeting at 4:30 in Shinjuku station and then she doesn’t even arrive until 5:13 (lol).

So Kaneki thinks about how Touka looks like a normal girl in her normal clothes and such, which kind of ticks her off since she notices him staring at her. Then they go into Art Mask Studio, which looks pretty sketchy to both the reader and Kaneki.

Once inside Touka is calling around for Uta, and Kaneki is just looking at the masks around. So to shorten it. Uta scares Kaneki, then Kaneki and Uta introduce themselves and stuff. Uta talks about how Kaneki smells weird, and then as Uta gets the stuff ready to make Kaneki’s mask he talks about how the 20th ward, Kaneki and Touka’s ward, is usually well-behaved so it’s weird that investigators would be there unless it was Rize’s fault. Kaneki asks if the 20th ward is usually peaceful since it doesn’t look that way to him. Then Uta talks about how wards 1 through 4 are basically unlivable, the 13th is so hectic its scary, and the one where Uta lives in has so many ghouls in it that you can see turf wars and even cannibalism.


To start on the mask Uta asks Kaneki some questions, like if the eye-patch is his thing, if he wants a snack so he doesn’t have to wear the eye-patch, if he has a girlfriend or if he’s noticed older women going after him, if he likes younger girls, and what he thinks of Touka. Kaneki asks if that has anything to do with the mask, and Uta tells him it does. Then they talk about how Touka is kinda scary to Kaneki, but a hard worker to Uta for being able to blend into the society of humans so easily and taking that risk.

Uta tells Kaneki that he’s done with the measurements for the mask and then Kaneki and Touka leave. Touka explains that ghouls need to wear masks because if they don’t finish a fight with an investigator and the investigator sees their face, things could get bad because they could match their faces with their civilian form.

And then the chapter ends with Hinami’s mom looking at a mask and Hinami crying in her sleep thinking about her dad.

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