Through The Looking Glass

Have you ever met a handsome stranger (a bouncer) in some shadowy place (a bar you frequent) and on one magical night he changes your life? I have, and the most wondrous part is that we still talk! “What’s this fantastic life change,” I hear you all wondering, but I have bad news: I still don’t know if the change was a good one. You see, he got me hooked on something. A little UK show called Black Mirror. So I’m gonna talk about it today, and I hope you all watch it and hate me a little bit for this thing I’ve done. You’re welcome.

So, Black Mirror. It’s a show with some downs, some ups, and a lot of WTF moments. It’s set up like a miniseries– three hour and a half episodes per season– but none of the episodes are directly related. Each has to do with the general theme of technology being the end of us all, which, isn’t that fabulous? Each episode falls into one of three categories: technological advances, the power of social media and the internet, or the downfall of viral fame. They all have a kind of creepy voyeuristic quality and is ultimately made worse by the fact that most of it seems to take place in a not so distant future.

I was going to try and go ahead and write out about each episode and….I guess review? But two things ended up happening: I, first off, realized that this show is something that has to be experienced. I could not, in good conscience, ruin some of the great thinking moments of the show because let me tell you, a lot of deep introspection happens. The other thing, is that I started screaming into a pillow because there’s literally no way to explain what happens on this show. I think about it all the time; it stresses me out. Sometimes I want to text the guy who told me about it and say “Look here, ya jerk,” and thank him for ruining my life. (Real talk though, we have conversations about it every few months because I literally am always thinking about it).

This show is a wild ride, and I need for the next season to happen immediately. Has it shaken my worldview? Yes. Do I not completely trust my own cell phone? Yes, of course. But am I also feening for this show? ABSOLUTELY. I’ve got the shakes y’all. I’m scratching. I need it in my life. Come over to the dark side, we know how technology will turn on you and we have bomb shelters.



Two seasons and a Christmas episode are currently on Netflix. (I beg you, talk to me about this show if you go ahead and watch it, we can wear matching tinfoil hats!)

For more information on Black Mirror and show creator Charlie Brooker, check out Channel 4.

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