Tokyo Ghoul Book 1 – Chapter 8

Tokyo Ghoul Book 1 – Chapter 8

Continuing from Chapter 7, Chapter 8: Kagune starts with Nishiki asking Kaneki how he had planned on eating Hide. To which Kaneki replies that he wasn’t and he never thought of Hide as food and told Nishiki to take his foot off Hide.

Seriously, Nishiki plz. Take your foot off ;-; You’re hurting him, you jerk ;^;

Pressing his foot harder onto Hide’s face, he asks Kaneki “What foot?” Making Kaneki jump towards him in anger trying to hit Nishiki with his satchel. In counter Nishiki kicked him into a wall, telling Kaneki that he has the same amount of strength as Touka and Yomo.

Kaneki thinks about the pain in his stomach from when Nishiki stabbed him as Nishiki explains that humans are only meant to be food for ghouls, and asks Kaneki why he plays with his food.

Kaneki tells Nishiki that he isn’t playing and Nishiki tells Kaneki that Hide was a risky choice. He explains that even though Hide seems dumb, he’s perceptive. Listing that Hide tried keeping Kaneki from going with Nishiki to get the disc, and Kaneki thinks about how Hide always noticed the slightest change.

Nishiki removes Kaneki’s eyepatch, telling him that if he couldn’t control his eyes he’d be caught soon. Then he grabs Kaneki by the face and threatens to kill Hide, activating Kaneki’s eyes. Kaneki thinks about how he was never athletic when he tried punching Nishiki, only getting kicked by Nishiki into steel beams getting hungry.

Nishiki tells Kaneki about how if he had used his Kagune he would have been able to finish Kaneki faster. Having out his Kagune he feels Hide tug on his sleeve. Nishiki asks if Hide had tugged at him unconsciously, or if he was pretending to be asleep. Then he hovers his foot over Hide telling him “I’ll thoroughly enjoy you in a bit.”

N KAgune
Nishiki’s Kagune

Kaneki has thoughts about his memories with Hide, when they first met and entering school together. Kaneki thinks to himself as he struggles to get up, “Maybe…Hide was trying to help me again. I don’t want Hide…to die. No…No… No! I won’t let that happen.”

The struggle is real am I right, Kaneki? [Cue the sound of angry fans with their weapons from chapter 1]

K and H
The Memories ;-;

Yeah Kaneki, you go! D:<

Then Kaneki looks great with his one red eye and that’s the end of the chapter.


Expect a battle scene next chapter.

Thanks for reading Chapter 8: Kagune.

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Please do not spoil anything, this is only chapter 8 of the first manga volume. It would be incredibly rude to spoil further chapters when others have read this article to see my reaction to chapter 8

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