Tokyo Ghoul Book 1 – Chapter 6

Welcome to the sixth chapter of the first Tokyo Ghoul book, Homing, where we continue with Kaneki screaming at Touka that he wasn’t a monster like her.


Kaneki continues to scream about how he isn’t a monster and that he can’t eat human flesh. This makes Touka furious as she grabs onto his face and slams him to the ground. She asks him who he thinks he is, telling him that he may not be a ghoul but he also isn’t human either. She continues to tell him that there isn’t a place for someone who can’t decide between the two. As she beings to walk off she tells him that if he wants to be human so badly then he should try starving himself to his limit, but she warns him that a ghoul’s hunger can be a true hell.

Touka has no chill.

Kaneki sits in the alley thinking about what Touka said to him. He then wonders if he’ll have to live the rest of his life alone. Kaneki gets a text from Hide asking if Kaneki really didn’t need his notes because he was dying alone in Asian History. The text helps Kaneki realize that he does belong somewhere, and as long as he has that he’ll be alright.

Kaneki decides to go back to school. He wears an eye patch to keep his ghoul eye from showing if he were to get hungry. Across the way sitting at a table Hide sees Kaneki and runs to him asking him where he has been. Members of a committee that Hide is in tells him to get a DVD of the year before’s festival from Nishio. Hide takes Kaneki with him to see Nishio as Kaneki thinks about what would happen if Hide were to find out that Kaneki wasn’t human anymore and wonders if they’ll ever be able to walk together again.

Inside of a different building, barging into a room titled AO they find a girl freaking out covering up her chest, and running out of the door. Nishio tells Hide that he doesn’t like when people trespass on his territory, and Hide begins to apologize. Kaneki notices that it smells like Coffee, and when he looks at Nishio he realizes that it’s Nishiki the ghoul that Touka beat up.

Do you know what this means? Nishiki was in some kind of bedroom thing, with a girl… removing her clothes…

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Tokyo Ghoul - Nishiki and Kimi
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Whoa Nishiki

Freaking out about the revelation, Kaneki trips backwards confusing Hide. Nishiki asks Kaneki to not mess up his room, and asks Hide if Kaneki is a friend of his. Hide happily introduces Kaneki to Nishiki. Nishiki introduces himself as a Sophomore in the pharmaceutical department, Nishiki Nishio. And says “Nice to meet you. Kaneki.”

Tokyo Ghoul - Nishiki & Kaneki


Good Luck Kaneki, you’re gonna need it with the way Nishiki is acting around you.

Welp, stay tuned for Chapter 7: Deception, next time!

Please do not spoil anything, this is only chapter 6 of the first manga volume. It would be incredibly rude to spoil further chapters when others have read this article to see my reaction to chapter 6

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Tokyo Ghoul is published by VIZ Media, in VIZ Signature Manga 

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