Tokyo Ghoul Book 1 – Chapter 4

Welcome to Tokyo Ghoul’s chapter 4: Coffee! We left off with Kaneki holding the package, expected to eat what was contained inside.

The manager tells Kaneki to come back anytime he needed more of the packages. Kaneki could tell that inside the package was human flesh, as he thanked the manager. As Kaneki left, Touka took the opportunity to ask the manager why he helped Kaneki. The manager told Touka the story about the hospital accident on the news, and told her that Kaneki had Rize’s organs inside of him.

Kaneki sits at home, his stomach growling while looking at the package. His hunger begins to overcome him so he throws the package across the room. Feared of how he almost ate the contents in the package, he runs to his fridge and grabs condiments; spraying them in his mouth. Disgusting. Soy sauce, Ketchup; Disgusting. He picks up a jar of instant coffee, and shakes some into his mouth. Surprised that the substance wasn’t disgusting, he brewed himself a cup and nervously drank it. Excited that it tasted good, he tried the coffee beans, and noted that it tastes better brewed. Feeling optimistic, he grabs a slice of bread and shakes the coffee onto it and places it in his mouth. Kaneki spits it out, quoting “It tastes like solid barf!! Coffee can’t even makes the taste!”

(ಠ_ಠ) Kaneki, really? You know what Solid Barf tastes like?!

Kaneki is looking for coffee in a convenient store. Not sure of which coffee to buy, a man reaches for the coffee he was going after. He had orange hair and apologized, quoting “Blondy is the best instant coffee, isn’t it?” handing the container to Kaneki. Kaneki checks out with about six containers of coffee and begins to walk home.

Hoping that the coffee gets him through his hunger, he smells something. The scent reminds him of his mother’s cooking, and he is quick to find the source. Hoping that it’s a restaurant that serves exotic foods with meat that even he can eat, due to the distance he walked .

As he rounds the corner, he is excited to know that the source of the scent is there. Smiling he finds. . . A man biting a dead guys throat off. Confused, Kaneki sits there. Ghoul man. Dead body. Source of smell. Fear takes over his body as he screams and inwardly thinks “How could I have been enticed by the smell of a corpse?!

Kaneki finds the source

The ghoul over the body tells Kaneki to go away, because he caught the man first and Kaneki was distracting him. As he tries to force Kaneki to leave more, a foot is placed on the back of his head. The orange haired man from the convenient store held the Ghoul’s arms behind his body, and put all his force into the foot he had on his head, pushing it off quoting “Boom.”

“Boom.” *Internal laughter*

The orange haired man asks the now dead corpse if the dead ghoul thought he could eat in his feeding ground. He looks over to Kaneki and notices that he was the boy from the convenient store. He tells Kaneki that if he had realized he was a ghoul before, he wouldn’t have been so nice and if he were human, he would have eaten him. He smirks towards Kaneki, finishing his statement and revealing that he has ghoul eyes.

Nishiki Nishio revealed
The man from the store is actually a ghoul.

Oh Kaneki, poor, sweet, Kaneki. You just find ghouls left and right don’t you?

Welp, stay tuned for Chapter 5: Feeding Ground, next time!

Please do not spoil anything, this is only chapter 4 of the first manga volume. It would be incredibly rude to spoil further chapters when others have read this article to see my reaction to chapter 4.

This is Karsyn, signing off~

Tokyo Ghoul is published by VIZ Media, in VIZ Signature Manga 


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