Tokyo Ghoul Book 1 Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Worst

This chapter contains violence, and spoilers to the Tokyo Ghoul manga up to Chapter 3: Worst. Proceed with caution, because you have been warned.

Continuing where we left off, Touka and Kaneki are figuring out who will get the arm in Chapter 3: Worst

Kaneki is in fear, finding out that he is face to face with a ghoul who is now offering him an old guy’s arm. Touka comes closer to Kaneki continuing to ask him if he was going to eat, when she notices that only one of his eyes are red, then she begins to answer the real question as she recognizes Kaneki, “Why weren’t you eaten?”

Tokyo Ghoul_Derptastic Face
Derptastic face.

As she tries to piece together why Kaneki is still alive and why he has one ghoul eye after Rize tried to eat him, Kaneki makes a run for it with a derptastic face might I add. Once Kaneki finished his run from the female ghoul, he thinks about how he couldn’t believe that another ghoul was right under his nose, while also thinking about the old pervert’s arm and drooling.

The scene transitions to Hide trying to call Kaneki, and is sent to voicemail. Hide talks about he could bring his school notes to Kaneki if he needed them, and that his favorite author’s book signing was on that day. Kaneki makes his way to the book signing, but is too late so he decides to go home. As he walks home, he notices a little girl, and then a woman, a man, a girl, a young man, etc. And all his mind can think of while noticing the humans is meat.

Kaneki runs to the bathroom to calm himself, upset to see that his left eye had turned red once again. He questions why it was him who had to suffer such a fate and punched a mirror cutting himself and the cut quickly healed.

Tokyo Ghoul_Bent Knife
Bent knife

Kaneki thinks about how in Egg of the Black Goat it’s about the Black Goat’s son, and that is why it is called “Egg” of the Black Goat. Which makes Kaneki wonder if he is now the Egg of a ghoul. He mumbles to himself about if he didn’t have ghoul organs, he wouldn’t be suffering. Kaneki calls Hide to bring the notes to his house, and grabs a knife from the kitchen. He plans to stab himself to damage his kidney’s hoping that the hospital will provide him knew ones if he’s lucky. He called Hide in case he wouldn’t be able to call the Hospital himself.

He takes the knife and thrusts it into his torso, where the knife bends and the wound quickly heals. Kaneki sits and cries because he’s starving, and he knows there’s only one way to satisfy his hunger and if he did that he wouldn’t consider himself as a person anymore.

Kaneki goes to Anteiku to beg for Touka’s help, telling her that his life had been nothing but horrible since his body changed. She declines and asks him that if his life was horrible ever since his body changed, did that mean her life was horrible since the moment she was born. She told him he could die for all she cared.

Tokyo Ghoul_Angry Touka

The manager comes outside and tells Kaneki to enter. Touka protests, and the manager reminds her that the policy of Anteiku is that ghouls help each other. The mangaer and Touka take Kaneki to a lower level under the cafe into a vault like room, where Kaneki is given a package that he is supposed to eat to satisfy his hunger.

Tokyo Ghoul_Food Package

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Tokyo Ghoul is published by VIZ Media, in VIZ Signature Manga 

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