Far Cry 4: Best or Bust?

I recently finished the amazing, innovative game, Far Cry 4. It really was an immersive experience, but there were MANY downfalls to the game. Here are some of the ones that I found.

  • Glitch when opening parachute, found when you use the wingsuit, then open the parachute to be flipped over in the air and fall to your death.
  • Glitch when flying in gyrocopter, found when you are flying the gyrocopter, then you are immediately flipped over and fall to your doom.
  • Inability to dismiss backup, sometimes you just don’t want some extra back-up, right? Nope, you are forced to keep them until they die or you kill them.
  • Inability to fly an actual plane, on the Himalayas mission, you are flown to the Himalayas. Why can’t we just fly ourselves.
  • The NPC’s are unresponsive, mostly found when you are talking to a Sherpa, they won’t allow you to speak and trade.
  • Sherpas don’t allow me to buy specialty arrows, explosive and fire arrows.

I love when you get to ride on an elephant and I also enjoy using the wingsuit, especially when it’s used for bomb rushing an enemy base. My favorite weapon is the original bow, because it is silent and is VERY deadly. My favorite throwables are molotovs.

Far cry_2

Overall, this is a great open world game. The Valley of The Yetis the name of the DLC. Though I haven’t played it myself, I have read some excellent reviews, and watched many good videos about it.

If you like open-world games that give you your own choice on what to do, I suggest this game. Right now, it is retailed for a price of $37.99 on Xbox 360 and PS3, and $29.99 on Xbox One and PS4.

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