SoapBox Rant – General Hospital

Sonny Corinthos: Soap Patriarch in the Making?

A.J. held at gunpoint by Sonny. Sean Kanan (left) as A.J. Quartermaine – Maurice Bernard (right) as Sonny Corinthos

Lately, I’m getting the vibe the writers of General Hospital are trying to make Sonny Corinthos the new patriarch of Port Charles. For me, that is a big HELL NO. Michael “Sonny” Corinthos is not patriarch material. He is no Steve Hardy or Joe Martin from All My Children. Hell he’s not even an Edward Quartermaine.

Steve Hardy
John Beradino as Dr. Steve Hardy
Joe Martin
Ray MacDonnell as Dr. Joe Martin of All My Children

I grew up on soap operas. I know that many soap patriarchs don’t start off as squeaky clean, apple pie, all-American boys next door. They are human. But none, to my recollection, have been irredeemable mob kingpins.

I’m not old enough to know if Steve Hardy had flaws, though I suppose he did. Alan Quartermaine was once a philandering scoundrel and he struggled with an addiction to prescription pills. Yeah, I know he accidentally killed someone, but come on, you still can’t compare his sins to Sonny’s. Although he was an imperfect man, he was a redeemable man. As time grew, he grew and he changed. You have to admit some of his fights with Monica were classic. But that’s another story. Speaking of Alan Quartermaine; big freaking mistake killing off this character. Great going former GH writers and execs. You guys suck! I, for one, am glad you all are former. Alan should be the patriarch of the show, right now.

Alan Quartermaine
Stuart Damon as Dr. Alan Quartermaine

Don’t get me wrong, I like Sonny, sometimes and I love Maurice Bernard. I mean who doesn’t love Nico Kelly? However, being portrayed by an amazing actor doesn’t mean a character like Sonny should step into the same position as a character like Steve Hardy or Joe Martin.

Sonny is a mob boss; he’s had many people shot and/or killed. He shot his own son and the biological father of his adopted son! He is a thug. A dramatic, nuanced thug with many entertaining ups and downs, but a thug all the same. Steve Hardy is a character people still look back on fondly with admiration. A person some characters strive to be like. Sonny is not a character that should be revered to that level.

The problem is General Hospital has no one suited for that role, just yet. Most of the men on the show are relatively young, hot, and always ready to mingle. They just don’t have that patriarch-like vibe. Let me clarify; I don’t think a soap patriarch should be older and grandfatherly. He should be someone to look up to, no matter his flaws and complications. He should be a role model for other characters. I could see this being Patrick Drake one day. Or Lucas Jones. Aww, now I’m missing Tony Jones. Why? Why former GH demons? Did you not think the show would last past your piss-poor decisions? You really do suck!

I would love the future patriarch to be a Quartermaine, but Jason is just as unacceptable as Sonny; maybe more so. Jason Morgan was a soulless robot. And it can’t be Jake because . . . well, he’s Jason. If Ned comes back, he would be a great future patriarch. We’ve yet to see what direction they are going to take Michael. Plus he and Dillon are still young. So here’s an idea, forget about having a patriarch on the show and instead have a matriarch? Why not? Why should a man always be the one the whole town loves?

Monica Quartermaine
Leslie Charleson as Dr. Monica Quatermaine

My first choice for matriarch was Monica. Why? Because she’s Monica, duh! I read on a message board that Leslie Charleson is semi-retired {Ha, me and my reliable sources.}, but, Monica could still be the matriarch. Show up for holidays and weddings and drop by the hospital to read the Christmas story. Oh please have Monica read the Christmas story! No more tales of Krampus.

Tracy Quatermaine
Jane Elliot as Tracy Quartermaine

If not Monica, then of course it should be Tracy, because she’s freaking badass Tracy Angelica Quartermaine. Tracy was a piece of work back in the day; and she still is. But she has redeemed herself over time and she is more than worthy of admiration and the role of Port Charles matriarch. Tracy is hardcore and something of a sweetheart. I’ve always loved Tracy, even when she was a first class bitch. Plus, she is a far better person than Sonny Corinthos.

No matter what the writers do with Sonny going forward, they will never be able to erase the character he has been for the past two decades. Everything he did to A.J. Quartermaine and his family, the people he killed or had killed, the constant shoot-outs and all the other mob stuff. How are viewers expected forget his past? How can viewers accept him as a patriarchal figure? Now, I could be wrong. Maybe I’m misreading everything the writers have been doing lately. Perhaps they are not pushing Sonny in the direction of the future patriarch of Port Charles. But if they are . . . NO!

Why don’t they just bring back Robert Scorpio? Please!


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  • I’m with you all the way! I hate Sonny; and his kids and his wives. I’ve never seen a more unlikable family…except for on Game of Thrones. That says a lot! I see what you mean about the writers trying to make him the patriarch and I don’t like it. Maybe I need to quit watching this show.

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