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ya feel them eyes, man?? Them beady eyes?

Chapter 11: Mask

So in this chapter Yoshimura is telling Touka to take Kaneki to get a mask. Touka obviously doesn’t wanna do it, but then Yoshimura tells her that there are investigators in the ward, which sends shivers down her spine. So she finally agrees to them meeting at 4:30 in Shinjuku station and then she doesn’t even arrive until 5:13 (lol).

So Kaneki thinks about how Touka looks like a normal girl in her normal clothes and such, which kind of ticks her off since she notices him staring at her. Then they go into Art Mask Studio, which looks pretty sketchy to both the reader and Kaneki.

Once inside Touka is calling around for Uta, and Kaneki is just looking at the masks around. So to shorten it. Uta scares Kaneki, then Kaneki and Uta introduce themselves and stuff. Uta talks about how Kaneki smells weird, and then as Uta gets the stuff ready to make Kaneki’s mask he talks about how the 20th ward, Kaneki and Touka’s ward, is usually well-behaved so it’s weird that investigators would be there unless it was Rize’s fault. Kaneki asks if the 20th ward is usually peaceful since it doesn’t look that way to him. Then Uta talks about how wards 1 through 4 are basically unlivable, the 13th is so hectic its scary, and the one where Uta lives in has so many ghouls in it that you can see turf wars and even cannibalism.


To start on the mask Uta asks Kaneki some questions, like if the eye-patch is his thing, if he wants a snack so he doesn’t have to wear the eye-patch, if he has a girlfriend or if he’s noticed older women going after him, if he likes younger girls, and what he thinks of Touka. Kaneki asks if that has anything to do with the mask, and Uta tells him it does. Then they talk about how Touka is kinda scary to Kaneki, but a hard worker to Uta for being able to blend into the society of humans so easily and taking that risk.

Uta tells Kaneki that he’s done with the measurements for the mask and then Kaneki and Touka leave. Touka explains that ghouls need to wear masks because if they don’t finish a fight with an investigator and the investigator sees their face, things could get bad because they could match their faces with their civilian form.

And then the chapter ends with Hinami’s mom looking at a mask and Hinami crying in her sleep thinking about her dad.

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I’m back everyone! Sorry my break was so long, school was driving me insane! But now I’m back, so all is good! Go ahead and put those torches and pitchforks down, nice and easy. Sorry for this everyone, but I got so bored writing that I shortened everything >3>

HMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm some people looking for a family right at the beginning.

Mighty suspicious ಠ_ಠ

Then we see the cinnamon roll, Kaneki, making his first pot of coffee. He tries it, and it’s kinda iffy and then he begins to beat himself up about it.

Kaneki plz, ;-;, you are a beginner. It won’t be perfect on the first try ;^;. (If it were I’d be famous ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) probably…)

Kaneki tells Yoshimura that he can’t get it to taste as good as his, and Yoshimura then tells him that the taste depends on how much care you put into making it.

How very poetic Yoshimura ;0;. Or am I the only one who found that poetic? Just me? Okay v3v

Then Yoshimura sends Kaneki to go help Touka at the front counter. Yoshimura tells Kaneki to keep in mind that Anteiku isn’t just a cafe, it’s also a place where ghouls come together and reminds Kaneki that some of the customers are ghouls and others will be human.

Kaneki tells Yoshimura that he thought ghouls hid from humans, in reply, Yoshimura says that because Ghouls live in the world of humans, they must study the habits of humans to blend in and states that he likes humans.

Yoshimura tells Kaneki that he has one more thing to share

Goodness Yoshimura, get to the point D:<

He tells Kaneki that anyone who comes in with suitcases, attaches, or any type of large luggage he should be informed discretely.

As Kaneki goes out to help Touka she signals him to go over to her and a loud customer. That loud customer happens to be Hide. He explains to Kaneki that he came by to thank Touka for saving them when they got into a  car accident; a scenario Yoshimura explained to Hide.

Touka tells Kaneki to make sure that Hide never finds out that he’s a ghoul, because if he does she’ll kill Hide.


So then Touka talks about how if she really hated humans as much as she thinks she does he’d already be dead, but he’s not. She also talks about how Nishiki is probably like majorly salty and stuff about getting his butt kicked by Kaneki, probably ruined that pride. Then can’t forget about the other ghouls drinking coffee eyeballing Hide, I mean it legit happened to Kaneki, anything can happen with our other crazy friend.

After work Yoshimura took Kaneki upstairs and was like “I’m gonna show you how to eat  a sandwich.” Like, oh. Thanks?? Kaneki is really surprised though, he’s pretty much like “You enjoyed that disgusting piece of trash?” Yoshimura pushed the sandwiches to him and was like, you should eat it. So then Kaneki does, and regrets the first bite. He starts writing his descriptive novel on the taste of the food, saying the grassy smell of lettuce is in his nose and the bread was like a tasteless sponge. Do you eat tasteless sponges when you’re bored?

Yoshimura taught Kaneki the trick into eating food, which is to swallow the first bite without it touching your tongue. That does not sound easy, like ???????? Then they gotta pretend to bite a couple times like they’re actually eating and make chewing noises like there’s really something in their mouth and literally just every ghoul has to be an actor when they want to go out in public. But they gotta make sure to go vomit that food back up or the ghoul stomach will have a temper tantrum. Then as a quick important side panel Yoshimura’s all like “Show him how it’s done, Touka :D” but Touka declined and was like “Hahaaaa sorry, I’m feeling sick. Maybe later.”

So Kaneki can feel all that support from the beings he once hated and is so happy and then Yoshimura has a gift and passes him a brown looking sugar cube.

“Treasure it, my son.”

Then Yoshimura told him that it looks normal except it’s brown, but when it’s in your coffee you wont be really hungry, so Kaneki was like “WHAT, REALLY? WHAT’S IN IT???” And Yoshimura was like “You know what’s in it, my dude. You don’t want to know.”

Yoshimura also made sure to slap Kaneki with some knowledge and truth for a minute, telling him that he’s gonna have to go hunting for some human flesh soon or he’s gonna die, or almost kill someone precious again.

Some new faces to Kaneki enter Anteiku, and Kaneki looks new to them so it kinda works. They’re the Fueguchi’s and they introduced themselves to Kaneki, then were sent upstairs to get a package they wanted. Kaneki probably thought to himself, “Whoaaa, Touka was friendly with someone. They must be ghouls.” Same, I don’t blame you for thinking so. So then Kaneki asks why they’re here, and Touka tells him that it’s because they gotta get food and can’t hunt like him.

So then the one customer who was eyeballing Hide lost him in his pursuit. So he’s busy complaining about how Rize messed up his food and he’s desperate and finds an old guy just walking with a briefcase.


So he’s like really desperate and attacks this dude, to which the old man was like “No thanks” and opened that briefcase and didn’t give the ghoul a chance to say goodbye to his arms and legs. The old guy started reading memorized sections from the law or something, and then proceeded to decapitating the ghoul (Off Screen for your viewing pleasure but you do just see the head there).

My Leg(s and arms)!
My Leg(s and arms)!

After that the younger guy from the beginning of the chapter comes in and apologizes for being so late and asked what happened where the old guy was.

Well, there’s a body and your buddy doesn’t seem like the guy to murder an innocent bystander according to those rules he recited. 

Then at the end for the chapter we learn that the younger guy is Koutaro Amon and the older one is Kureo Mado, then they pretty much look like they’re walking away from an explosion.

Kabooom!!!!!!!! *Explosionnnnnnnnnnn* Cool guys don’t look at explosions, they blow things up and then walk away


Anyway, this chapter was pretty good. Not too excited for the rest but I’ll try to make them less depressing. Again ,sorry for the super late reunion(?) Procrastination is like my life. I won’t even deny it anymore. But weekly updates should be resuming. Check out my other articles maybe called Spoiler Alert!, maybe? Support is nice <::

If you like Fairy Tail, The Seven Deadly Sins, and/or Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches you should check it out!

Thanks for reading my reaction(?)(summary???) for Chapter 10: Antique of Tokyo Ghoul

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Tokyo Ghoul is published by VIZ Media, in VIZ Signature Manga 

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Yes, hello. MORE SPOILER ALERT! WOOOOOT! Gonna try hard to catch up with what’s being released nowadays (July) and yeah, I’m gonna try.

So first up is Yamada-kun and the we knowalready Seven Witches

Chapter 200: Ocean front!!

Yamada-Kun Seven Witches 200

So we start off with the main five kiddos looking at the plane they’ll be boarding to Guam. It looks like a nice plane. Once inside Yamada is paranoid as all get out, I’d probably be the same, but then once they’re in the air he calms down. Guam looks nice and Yamada tries to go into a group activity right off the bat, but Miyamura and Yamada are asked to join the chairperson and her group.

Yamada’s sighs because he was able to get her to do something else but when he turns Miyamura is sitting with Nakamura, so Yamada asks if he was going with the chairperson and gets the military base reply again.

The three boys return to the hotel at night very tired, and the two girls and the chairperson seem just fine and enjoyed their sightseeing. The girls go off to the restaurant for dinner and ask Yamada to join them, but he and Miyamura plan to return to their room for a short break. The chairperson seems a little surprised and decides to give him a report to be turned in to her room before the day is over.

Some time passes and the chairperson ends up visiting Yamada to ask if he’s finished with his report. He tells her he’s going to the dining hall and she tells him that she’d really like it if he came by and gave her the report afterwards.

So Yamada and Miyamura get to the dining hall, greet the girlfriend and friend, and asks them if they wanna hang out til some dudes in their group ask them to hangout first to which Shiraishi agrees without hesitation.

Could you feel that arrow of betrayal piercing through your chest, Yamada? I know I could.

She tells him that because it’s a school trip they should hang out in their groups, so he tells them to have fun. Nakamura tells them that it’ll be his last school strip and he’d like to see a girl’s room for once, so Yamada tells him that Shiraishi left so no hope. But Miyamura uses that brain of his and asks if the chairperson also wanted them to come visit her room, the same way Yamada was trying to invite the girls.

The chairperson is shown looking outside to see other rooms partying as she thinks about how quiet it is for her. Then the guys knock on the door and barge in with food and stuff to party and Yamada brings the report and the chapter ends with the chairperson having snacks and games on the side.

Like guys, she only wants to party too ;-; She’S HUMAN TOO AND SHE WANTS TO HAVE FUN D:

This was a pretty nice chapter tho, kinda got me in the heart with that last page though.

Next up is The Seven Deadly Sins!

Chapter 168: Plan to Annihilate the Ten Commandments.

Seven Deadly Sins 168

So Jericho’s brother is important this time other than almost being killed by his sister for being a jerk. His name is Gustav. He’s walking with Guila, you know that crazy girl or killed herself for a few minutes to track down the deadly sins in the realm to see dead people? Yeah her. And they have a girl who’s working under Guila, wearing a mask who doesn’t give Gustav the time of day, and he just can’t handle the rejection.

So it turns out the three reported to Zeldon to help them when Dreyfus went all crazy and destroyed one of the ways to destroy the Demon Race. So one guy talks about how thanks to Denzel’s “Judgement” spell Dreyfus probably can’t even get a wink of sleep at night.

Then we see Dreyfus just sitting in a cave, being haunted by the people he killed, and devouring their souls.

He definitely is too scared to sleep at night.

So Fraudrin is sitting there wondering why Dreyfus’ brother isn’t showing up since all the people he killed are supposed to haunt him.

Is that foreshadow I see

So then Deathpierce starts talking and he says something about having a fairy, who for some reason is naked except she’s got thigh highs? and only he can see her. And he began to laugh and talk to her. And it was very uncomfortable for everyone.

So the fairy tells him that a northern part of Britannia was destroyed, and not just destroyed but utterly destroyed, and Camelot was destroyed and turned into the Demons’ den, because why not.

Then we find out that Gowther is actually apart of the Ten Commandments and Guila is all shocked and I’m still confused about his little close up thing making him look like a girl, like I keep mistaking you for a girl for a reason and it’s definitely reasons like this.

Overall this was a pretty good chapter, cliffhanger plot twist at the end. 

Next is Fairy Tail!!

Chapter 479: The One Most to Be Respected Is

So Zeref and his war is happening, his right hand man is talking to his troops. Fun. Good stuff. Zeref thinks about how he’ll erase the two he loves most, Mavis and Natsu, from history. Like okay, no… please no thank you.

Lucy and Natsu are still fighting Jacob, going for that Regulus Lucy punch but he dodged. Jacob knows martial arts apparently and he like knocks Lucy and Natsu down for a minute with his stealth magic for turning invisible and stuff. Then he says he’s gonna kill everyone he transported one by one, but you know Fairy Tail “WHAT ABOUT YER FRIENDS?!” which is what Lucy practically said, but she didn’t. She told him Brandish and crazy dude, you know that guy that tried choking Brandish while she was locked up and couldn’t use her magic? yeah him, were inside. So Jacob releases them, and the guy (I really don’t feel like remembering his name).

Okay so his name is Marin I looked it up. 

Fairy Tail 479

So when Marin gets up and thanks Jacob while being chained up, he sees that there is another Marin. Who is actually Gemini from Lucy switching to her Gemini star dress, which is actually really cute by the way. Mavis and Happy comment on the fact that she didn’t have Gemini copy someone powerful, but Lucy explains that she chose Marin solely for the fact that his magic created rules for the area, so they reversed the spacial magic in the area and all the guild members returned.

That’s checkmate, dude.

Jacob was upset and tried transporting everyone again but when he put his hands in position, Mavis threw Happy in between to stop him. So then Makarov punches him out of the guild, making Natsu tell him not to smash up the guild POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK, so Makarov says he doesn’t want to hear that from Natsu and throws him out after Jacob. So as Natsu flew over to catch up to Jacob he ended up evaporating the water in the nearby lake and punched Jacob out of the park.

Yeahhh, Fairry Tailll

Overall these chapters were nice. Thanks for checking out my review(?) summary(???) check out my Tokyo Ghoul articles if you like Tokyo Ghoul and like my reviews/summaries(????) and stuff.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches is created by Miki Yoshikawa

The Seven Deadly Sins is created by Nakaba Suzuki

Fairy Tail is created by Hiro Mashima

You can read Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Fairy Tail all on Crunchyroll. If you’d like to read older chapters you need a premium account, but the latest chapter is available for free until the next chapter releases. All three of these manga are published by Kodansha Comics.


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Tokyo Ghoul Book 1 – Chapter 9: Hatch is the last chapter of the first volume of the series.

Chapter 9: Hatched starts with Touka calling Yomo and telling him that she will be late. Then we transition to Kaneki kicking Nishiki’s butt.

Good ol’ Kaneki.

Turning the tide.

Kaneki swiftly stabs Nishiki in the stomach, leading Nishiki to freak out telling Kaneki that he’s about to die. Nishiki realizes that Kaneki’s Kagune looks like Rize’s but brushes it off. Then Kaneki hits Nishiki away, leaving Nishiki bleeding out with a giant hole in his stomach.

Kaneki looks towards Hide, with thoughts swarming through his mind. Telling him how delicious Hide looks, and he smells a sweet aroma. He imagines Hide on a plate while Kaneki himself is holding a fork and knife in his hands. Telling himself that he can’t let good food go to waste, he walks towards Hide.

Hide Dinner

Just in time, Touka steps in the way, telling Kaneki that for a half-ghoul he’s becoming more and more like the rest. She asks him if the pain of not eating for so long hurts so much it makes him want to die. Asking Kaneki that even though he’ll end up eating his friend to be rid of the pain, it doesn’t matter, but when he realizes that he’ll be alone it’s what she calls a ghoul’s hunger and that it’s their fate. But because she is tired of that said fate, she decides to help him.

Kaneki then wakes up inside of Anteiku

Boo, no fight scene.

Looking out the window, he sees his reflection. In that reflection he sees something on his teeth. The owner, Mr. Yoshimura comes inside and tells Kaneki where he is and that Touka brought him there. Kaneki panicks and asks what hapened to Hide, to which Yoshimura takes him to the room. Inside, Hide is sleeping, and Kaneki begins to walk but suddenly stops. He touches his mouth, explaining to Yoshimura that he was so hungry he almost killed Hide, the hunger was completely gone and that the blood in his mouth he knew was not his own.

He then asks Yoshimura what happened while he was asleep, and he receives the reply that there is only one way for a ghoul’s hunger to be satisfied. Yoshimura then tells Kaneki that he would have eaten his friend otherwise, and he should accept what he is.

Kaneki tells Yoshimura that he cannot be around Hide anymore, and he can’t be in the ghoul world; that he’s neither ghoul nor human, and that he has no place to go and he’s all alone. Yoshimura explains to Kaneki that it wasn’t true, and because he was both a ghoul and a human at the same time, he had a place in both worlds.

Yoshimura tells Kaneki to stay at Anteiku, where they will teach him how to survive as a ghoul, and he would like a human to learn more about ghouls to see for himself if they were really the ravenous beasts they are portrayed as to humans.

It seems Kaneki put up quite a fight against Touka.

Touka, all bandaged up ;-;

Yoshimura tells Kaneki that they’ll start off with teaching him how to brew a proper cup of coffee. Kaneki tells Yoshimura that he never had a job before, and in the background Hide is not actually asleep.

This was fun. This is the last chapter of the first book, and I shall be taking a break before I write about the second one. Look for it in about 3-4 weeks. Thanks for following this crazy article, link, thingie…. and I hope you’ll join me when I post my feelings towards the Fairy Tail chapters that will be released every week. I will write about them every Wednesday, so if you’re a Fairy Tail fan, join me there for more of my quirky(?), weirdness about how much Hiro Mashima likes to throw my feelings all around.

Thanks for reading my reaction(?)(summary???) for Chapter 9: Hatched of the first volume of Tokyo Ghoul

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Tokyo Ghoul is published by VIZ Media, in VIZ Signature Manga 

[Bonus Comic for you guys to enjoy~]

Bonus Comic: Part 1
Bonus Comic: Part 2
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Tokyo Ghoul Book 1 – Chapter 8

Continuing from Chapter 7, Chapter 8: Kagune starts with Nishiki asking Kaneki how he had planned on eating Hide. To which Kaneki replies that he wasn’t and he never thought of Hide as food and told Nishiki to take his foot off Hide.

Seriously, Nishiki plz. Take your foot off ;-; You’re hurting him, you jerk ;^;

Pressing his foot harder onto Hide’s face, he asks Kaneki “What foot?” Making Kaneki jump towards him in anger trying to hit Nishiki with his satchel. In counter Nishiki kicked him into a wall, telling Kaneki that he has the same amount of strength as Touka and Yomo.

Kaneki thinks about the pain in his stomach from when Nishiki stabbed him as Nishiki explains that humans are only meant to be food for ghouls, and asks Kaneki why he plays with his food.

Kaneki tells Nishiki that he isn’t playing and Nishiki tells Kaneki that Hide was a risky choice. He explains that even though Hide seems dumb, he’s perceptive. Listing that Hide tried keeping Kaneki from going with Nishiki to get the disc, and Kaneki thinks about how Hide always noticed the slightest change.

Nishiki removes Kaneki’s eyepatch, telling him that if he couldn’t control his eyes he’d be caught soon. Then he grabs Kaneki by the face and threatens to kill Hide, activating Kaneki’s eyes. Kaneki thinks about how he was never athletic when he tried punching Nishiki, only getting kicked by Nishiki into steel beams getting hungry.

Nishiki tells Kaneki about how if he had used his Kagune he would have been able to finish Kaneki faster. Having out his Kagune he feels Hide tug on his sleeve. Nishiki asks if Hide had tugged at him unconsciously, or if he was pretending to be asleep. Then he hovers his foot over Hide telling him “I’ll thoroughly enjoy you in a bit.”

N KAgune
Nishiki’s Kagune

Kaneki has thoughts about his memories with Hide, when they first met and entering school together. Kaneki thinks to himself as he struggles to get up, “Maybe…Hide was trying to help me again. I don’t want Hide…to die. No…No… No! I won’t let that happen.”

The struggle is real am I right, Kaneki? [Cue the sound of angry fans with their weapons from chapter 1]

K and H
The Memories ;-;

Yeah Kaneki, you go! D:<

Then Kaneki looks great with his one red eye and that’s the end of the chapter.


Expect a battle scene next chapter.

Thanks for reading Chapter 8: Kagune.

Stay tuned for Chapter 9: Hatch next time!

Please do not spoil anything, this is only chapter 8 of the first manga volume. It would be incredibly rude to spoil further chapters when others have read this article to see my reaction to chapter 8

This is Karsyn, signing off~

Tokyo Ghoul is published by VIZ Media, in VIZ Signature Manga 


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Tokyo Ghoul Book 1: Chapter 7 – Deception

Warning: (Haven’t done these in a while) This chapter will contain disgusting stuff. That’s it.  Not a lot of disgusting stuff, but it’s still there.

Chapter 7: Deception, starts off with Kaneki wondering why ghouls have to take away every place he belongs.

Nishki asks Hide if he came for some files and begins to look for them. Hide tells him that he was looking for the one with last year’s festival. When Nishki wasn’t able to find the video in his area he asks Hide and Kaneki to help him look for it.

Kaneki finds it off that Nishiki was acting normal but looks anyway. Nishiki realizes that it’s not in the room and remembers that he left it at home. He asks Hide to come with him to get it. Hide thinks for a bit and agrees telling Kaneki that he’s going and Kaneki has to walk home alone.

Not liking the idea of his best friend walking home alone with a ghoul Kaneki asks if he can go also. Nishiki agrees and Hide is left wondering why Kaneki decided to join them. Kaneki then asks if Hide and Nishiki were close. Hide replies that it wasn’t too long since they’d first met and Kaneki realizes that all the ghouls showing up around him had always been there and he just never noticed them.

As they walk, Nishiki asks if they want Taiyaki. Hide agrees and Kaneki accepts but doesn’t eat it. Nishiki gets one also and takes a bite and gulps it down. Leaving Kaneki wondering how he could do that. When Hide asks Kaneki if he was going to eat his Taiyaki, Kaneki tells him that he would eat it later.

Kaneki thinks about how Nishiki blends with society so well that no one would be able to tell he was a ghoul. Then he wonders if he could do the same thing.

Hide stops and realizes that they’ve been led to a dead end, leading to Nishiki kicking him in the stomach, into some supplies and knocking him out. Kaneki screams Hide’s name andNishiki grabs him by the throat and lifts him into the air.Screenshot_2016-01-15-19-46-20

Nishiki asks Kaneki if he was going to eat Hide, and tells him about how great it is betraying someone that trusts you and watching the look on their face before they’re eaten. Kaneki then tells Nishiki that he wouldn’t do that and he’s not like Nishiki.

Kaneki, there you go again provoking these ghouls. ;-;

Nishiki punches Kaneki in the stomach and tells him about how he hates when “little punks” talk back to him like he told Touka. As Kaneki lays on the ground in pain, Nishiki comments about how flimsy Kaneki is. Then he says that all the moving around and Taiyaki made him sick to his stomach. Wondering how humans could eat it and saying that it was like eating horse crap.

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOA ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ Hold it there, Nishiki. The way Kaneki described food was definitely weird, but horse crap is a whole new level. What is it, that you have been fed you poor, unfortunate ghoul man?

Nishiki then shoves his fingers down his throat forcing him to vomit, and decides to vomit on Hide.


Then he taunts Kaneki by saying “Sorry, Kaneki, I fouled up your food.”



Welp, that’s the end.

Nishiki that’s disgusting what you did to Hide.

Good Luck, Kaneki.

Stay tuned for Chapter 8: Kagune next time!

Please do not spoil anything, this is only chapter 7 of the first manga volume. It would be incredibly rude to spoil further chapters when others have read this article to see my reaction to chapter 7

This is Karsyn, signing off~

Tokyo Ghoul is published by VIZ Media, in VIZ Signature Manga 


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Spoiler Warning: I tried not to spoil, but I slipped up here and there. So be warned.

If you have not watched GANGSTA., you seriously have . . . not . . . lived.

GANGSTA. is by far one of the best anime I’ve watched. And I watch a lot of anime. It’s one of those shows I’d watch over and over.

If you like anime with intriguing storylines, fantastic art, superb animation, and an amazing soundtrack, GANGSTA. is the series for you. A little disclaimer: I watched the dubbed version as it streamed on Funimation. The dub cast is outstanding. I tip my hat and curtsy to them all.

This anime is based on an ongoing manga series written and illustrated by Kohske, which I’ve just started reading. So far the manga is great. But for now, I’ll focus on the anime.  By the way, Kohske is a woman. Why did I need to point that out? Just because. We gals love anime and manga just as much as guys. In the male dominated industry, it’s really satisfying to know one of your favorites is written by a woman. Anyhoo, back to business.

Where do I begin?

The Music. You can always find good music in anime. GANGSTA., (like Blood Blockade Battlefront, Samurai Champloo, and Cowboy Bebop) knocked it out of the park with the soundtrack. The opening song, the ending, and everything in between are fantastic. Renegade, the opening by Stereo Dive Foundation is quite literally my jam. I don’t know about anyone else, but it makes me want to dance. Yori no Kuni by Annabel is the perfect ending for the show. There’s also With You, a beautiful song performed by the voice actress for Alex Benedetto, Mamiko Noto. This song alone is worth watching episode 8 . . . scratch that, it’s worth it to watch the entire series. Anyway, bravo to the person in charge of choosing the music.

The Storyline

Who doesn’t love a good story about gangsters, bad cops, pimps, prostitutes, and a slew of seedy characters? I’m not alone, right? I mean in the first episode, the cops hire the main characters to kill a pimp/drug dealer and his entire gang. That’s got to be the start of something great. Am I right? Of course I am.

The story is about Nic and Worick, two Handymen living in Ergastulam. When the police need a job done, but they don’t want to get their hands dirty, they call the Handymen. A mafia family needs to handle a delicate situation that they want to keep mum from the other mafia families, they call the Handymen. Nic and Worick live in the gray area and cross blurred lines for a living. Are they good guys or bad guys? Heroes or anti-heroes? Are they hitmen or cleaners? I would say all of the above, but I personally don’t see them as bad guys. Yes, they mercilessly kill without any qualms or regrets. But, it’s a job. Plus they are killing people that would kill them and are threats to society, people they care about, and their way of life. So, no . . . they are not bad guys.

From the first episode, GANGSTA. gives you great action and drama. You know, that edge of your seat kinda stuff. And it maintains that throughout the entire series.


The main characters are Worick Arcangelo, Nicolas Brown, and Alex Benedetto. As I mentioned before, Nic and Worick are the Handymen; they do “jobs” for the police and the four mafia families. Alex is a recently, former prostitute that works for the Handymen answering phones and running the occasional errand.

Side note: I ship Nic and Alex. I know I probably shouldn’t because I don’t know what the future holds for Nic; but I can’t help myself. Manga readers, please don’t spoil it for me.

Anyway, Alex and the Handymen live in Ergastulum. This place must be the underbelly of society; people seem to get killed on a daily basis, there are four mafia families in residence, crooked cops, prostitutes, pimps, hired killers, and other criminals. On top of that everyone keeps warning Alex to get out while she can. Clearly the residents of Ergastulum think they live on the outskirts of hell, or pretty close.

Nicolas Brown

Nic is a Twilight and former mercenary. Twilights are children and descendants of users of the drug Celebrer. As a Twilight, Nick has some superior abilities that make him stronger and a better fighter than most. Those abilities come with serious drawbacks. One being, Twilights have to take Celebrer, which basically keeps them alive. Another drawback is they have a short lifespan. Twilights don’t usually live past their early 30’s. This may not apply to Nic because, although his mother was a Twilight his father wasn’t. So his lifespan may be a little longer. (I snuck a peak at the wikia without spoiling it for myself). I stress Nic’s life may be longer; it may not. Nic typically overdoses on Celebrer during fights. One of the side effects of overdosing is a shortened lifespan. Hence, the fear my ship is doomed before it sets sail.

Twilights are also known as Tags. They wear dog tags similar to those in the military. These dog tags are imprinted with pertinent information about each individual. Tags are ranked based on there strength and skill level. Nic is an A/0, the highest rant. Of course he is.

The sight of Nic’s tags scared the hell out of Barry.

Nic is a sweetheart. He insisted on saving Alex from her loser pimp, Barry, and he helped her when she struggled with her medication. He is always good with Nina, the 12 year old that helps in the local clinic. And he was there when Worick needed him most. Aside from being the lovable half of my OTP, Nic is a true badass in a fight. Start a fight with him if you dare, but write your will first, because Nic takes no prisoners and he enjoys a good brawl.

Guns blazing everywhere, bullets flying in the air, here comes Nic with his katana. Yes, I said katana. Move over Michonne, Nicolas Brown is in the house. Did I mention he is deaf? Nic is kicking asses and taking names but he doesn’t hear them coming. He doesn’t have to. That’s how hardcore he is. Now according to Galahad, another Twilight, overdosing on Celebrer gives Nic an upper hand on his opponents. I’m good with that except for the fact that he’s probably killing himself. –Tears- I don’t want him to die.

Worick Arcangelo

Worick, Nic’s friend, partner, brother from another mother (and father) and comrade in arms is a Normal; a regular human without the abilities of the Twilights. Worick is the epitome of cool; a care-free, wise-cracking, cigarette smoking badass. I was looking for another word for badass and came up with renegade…which is the name of the opening song. Hmmm. Very interesting. Worick may be cool as the other side of the pillow but he’s nobody’s pushover. Barry can attest to that.

Worick and Nic have known each other since childhood. Nic was a mercenary assigned as Worick’s (then known as Wallace) bodyguard. He didn’t always like Nic. He had a problem with him being a quiet person. He didn’t realize Nic was hearing-impaired. But they grew on each other. Wallace taught Nic to read and Nic protected him. They were there for each other when they needed it most.

Wallace {Worick} and Nic were both victims of child abuse. Wallace bought Nic from his father to save him, and Nic killed Wallace’s father. Nice trade-off. When they got older Worick got work as a gigolo in a brothel and Nic got work with the Monroe Family, one of the four mafia families in Ergastulum. Worick still has a client he sees every now and then. Plus he can always find work at the brothel, if he wanted.

Although Worick is not a Twilight, he isn’t really your average human. He has hyperthymesia, an extraordinarily detailed autobiographical memory. This works to his advantage when helping the police identify maimed bodies of murder victims. The people are so severely brutalized, they need Worick to identify them based on minor details that only he would notice. Let’s chew on that for a moment. There are truly some wicked people in Ergastulum. Although his amazing memory works well for the police, it keeps Worick from being able to work directly for the mafia families. Apparently having a person with his ability to memorize everything is more of a threat than a somewhat violent Twilight like Nic. Hmm. Perhaps it is.

I love the relationship between Worick and Nic. They have a great dynamic. Like bickering siblings yet they always have each other’s back. It seems like every other episode Worick is yelling at Nic for wearing his shirt or the other way around. Their rapport is a great diversion from what could potentially be a pretty somber series. Feels are great but sometimes we viewers need lighthearted interactions and humor between the shock and tears. I don’t know about anyone but I can’t cry through almost every episode of the show I’m watching. Can anyone say Neon Genesis Evangelion?

Now we have our prostitute turned secretary, Alex. I like her. I have to point that out because it seems like I don’t always like the girl in the group. At least that’s what my daughter and sisters tell me. I was half expecting her to be the unnecessary T & A girl of the show. I was immediately proven wrong.

She started off with this damsel in distress vibe. Well, her pimp was beating her a lot; so she did need to be saved. However, she can really hold her own, ask Barry’s corpse. She’s a good fit with the Handymen (especially Nic). Oh . . . pardon my shipper’s heart.

Alex Benedetto

Alex is the happy medium with the Handymen. She’s not has serious as Nic but not as laidback as Worick. Maybe because she’s not 100% sure she’s in with them (she is, but she doesn’t realize it). From the moment Alex started working with the Handymen, she tried to find her place with them. She always shows concern for them and looks out for their well-being. It’s obvious that she cares for them. Not necessarily in a romantic way, which doesn’t matter. One of my favorite things about her, is she took the time to learn sign language. Nic reads lips, but she wanted to communicate with him the way he prefers to communicate. That’s a very nice gesture. Plus, it means she’s there for the long haul. She’s committed to being part of the Handymen’s crew.

Life has dealt her some pretty crappy cards. She went to Ergastulum thinking Barry the pimp was going to help her. Yeah, that didn’t work out well for her. Between pimping her out, beating her, and keeping her on drugs, Barry turned out to be a real peach of a guy. The whole point of her hooking up with Barry was so she could help her younger brother, Emilio. Now Emilio is all grown up and part of the Destroyers, a group of hunters that have been killing Twilights all over town. Her brother is a threat to Nic and people like him. How is she going to handle that? The man she raised and loves is probably go to try to kill the man that saved her.  Look! There it is! The feels moment I’ve been avoiding all season. It’s not a hard choice for me. Emilio must die. But, I’m not Alex.

There are an assortment of lovable and hate-worthy secondary and side characters, that all bring something interesting to the story. One thing I love about this series is that the women are just as strong as the men. In some cases, maybe stronger. Loretta Christiano, Gina Paulklee, and Joel Raveau bring a little more than spunk to the show. These are some hardcore ladies. People should watch this show just to experience the tidbits of badassery these ladies display here and there.

Like many anime series adapted from ongoing manga series, GANGSTA. had no defined ending. You’re left having to use your imagination or read the manga. I’ve chosen to read the manga. A great choice, I must admit.

I’ve heard that some people were disappointed with the ending. I can’t help but wonder why. Any other ending may have strayed from the manga. That would have pissed off others. There seems to be a no win situation for these types of series. Personally, I liked that the finale was open-ended. However, I won’t lie, I got misty-eyed and screamed “NOOOO!” at the TV. But hey . . . I was pleased. Under normal circumstances, this type of ending would give one hope for a second season. Unfortunately, Manglobe, the distributor of the anime, has recently filed bankruptcy. That pretty much lessens the likelihood of a season two; if one was planned at all. If there ever is another season, I will be all over it. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy the manga.

So yeah, as I stated in the beginning, you have not lived if you have not watched GANGSTA.. Go! Get to Funimation and watch it. Then read the manga. Or vice versa.

You can watch GANGSTA. (subbed) on Funimation and Hulu. You need a Funimation subscription to watch the dubbed version. The manga is published by Viz Signature Manga.

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Welcome to the sixth chapter of the first Tokyo Ghoul book, Homing, where we continue with Kaneki screaming at Touka that he wasn’t a monster like her.


Kaneki continues to scream about how he isn’t a monster and that he can’t eat human flesh. This makes Touka furious as she grabs onto his face and slams him to the ground. She asks him who he thinks he is, telling him that he may not be a ghoul but he also isn’t human either. She continues to tell him that there isn’t a place for someone who can’t decide between the two. As she beings to walk off she tells him that if he wants to be human so badly then he should try starving himself to his limit, but she warns him that a ghoul’s hunger can be a true hell.

Touka has no chill.

Kaneki sits in the alley thinking about what Touka said to him. He then wonders if he’ll have to live the rest of his life alone. Kaneki gets a text from Hide asking if Kaneki really didn’t need his notes because he was dying alone in Asian History. The text helps Kaneki realize that he does belong somewhere, and as long as he has that he’ll be alright.

Kaneki decides to go back to school. He wears an eye patch to keep his ghoul eye from showing if he were to get hungry. Across the way sitting at a table Hide sees Kaneki and runs to him asking him where he has been. Members of a committee that Hide is in tells him to get a DVD of the year before’s festival from Nishio. Hide takes Kaneki with him to see Nishio as Kaneki thinks about what would happen if Hide were to find out that Kaneki wasn’t human anymore and wonders if they’ll ever be able to walk together again.

Inside of a different building, barging into a room titled AO they find a girl freaking out covering up her chest, and running out of the door. Nishio tells Hide that he doesn’t like when people trespass on his territory, and Hide begins to apologize. Kaneki notices that it smells like Coffee, and when he looks at Nishio he realizes that it’s Nishiki the ghoul that Touka beat up.

Do you know what this means? Nishiki was in some kind of bedroom thing, with a girl… removing her clothes…

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Tokyo Ghoul - Nishiki and Kimi
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Whoa Nishiki

Freaking out about the revelation, Kaneki trips backwards confusing Hide. Nishiki asks Kaneki to not mess up his room, and asks Hide if Kaneki is a friend of his. Hide happily introduces Kaneki to Nishiki. Nishiki introduces himself as a Sophomore in the pharmaceutical department, Nishiki Nishio. And says “Nice to meet you. Kaneki.”

Tokyo Ghoul - Nishiki & Kaneki


Good Luck Kaneki, you’re gonna need it with the way Nishiki is acting around you.

Welp, stay tuned for Chapter 7: Deception, next time!

Please do not spoil anything, this is only chapter 6 of the first manga volume. It would be incredibly rude to spoil further chapters when others have read this article to see my reaction to chapter 6

This is Karsyn, signing off~

Tokyo Ghoul is published by VIZ Media, in VIZ Signature Manga 

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Welcome to Chapter 5: Feeding Ground. We left off with the man from the convenient store that Kaneki met was actually a ghoul.

The man figures out that the reason Kaneki was getting coffee was because he was a ghoul, and told Kaneki that having only one red eye was disgusting.


He continues to talk about how Kaneki was trespassing in his feeding ground and told Kaneki he couldn’t stay. Kaneki tells the ghoul that he didn’t know the area belonged to anyone and they are interrupted by a voice on the rooftop.

Touka is sitting on the rooftop glaring down at Kaneki and the man quoting “Since when was this your feeding ground? It’s not yours. This is Rize’s turf. Nishiki.” She jumps down the roof to meet their level.

Tokyo Ghoul - Touka Appears
Touka Appears

The ghoul known as Nishiki informs Touka that he knew Rize was dead calling her a binge-eater. Nishiki yells about how the area was his feeding ground until Rize came and since she was dead it belonged to him once more. Touka protested that the area would be distributed to the weaker ghouls. And also made sure to add “And anyway, you lost this alley because you were weaker than Rize. You’ve only got yourself to blame. Dumbass!”


Tokyo Ghoul -Nishiki is Insulted
That burn was hotter than Nishiki’s mixtape! Am I right? No…? Okay, I’ll stop now.

Nishiki becomes angry and they have a good old fashioned ghoul brawl. The fight ends quick because Touka dealt serious injuries and Nishiki just couldn’t handle it.

Tokyo Ghoul - Touka Attacks Nishiki
Part 1 of Touka being great.
Tokyo Ghoul - Nishiki Gets Beat
Final part of Touka being great.

Because Touka is great.

Kaneki becomes confused, asking Touka what ghouls are. Pointing out that they eat humans, but also kill each other. Claiming that they have no morals, and no order. And he yells that his life sucks.

Touka notices that Kaneki hadn’t eaten the meat inside of the package given to him. She tells Kaneki that she’ll give him a hand as she walks over to the corpse left in the alley. Picking a lump of flesh off, she shoves it into Kaneki’s face and towards his mouth telling him to eat it. He does so and is pulled into this crazy form of shock looking like he had the best thing in the world.

Realizing that human flesh that was not his own entered his system through his mouth he decided to throw it back up.

Kaneki, please. Touka is watching. No matter how scary she may seem, I am sure she is disgusted.

Touka asks him why he won’t eat, and Kakeki tells her that eating the meat was wrong. That he tried so hard not to eat it, and asked her why she forced him too. He concludes with, “There’s no way I can do it. I… I’M A HUMAN BEING!! I’M NOT LIKE YOU MONSTERS!!”


KANEKI, MY FRIEND. That is not how you ask for help. Calling someone a monster is a big no-no after she was so kind as to um… not kill you like she could have a while ago.

Tokyo Ghoul - Touka is Insulted
Just look at her face. I think we know what to expect from her next chapter.

Well that happened.

I think we all know where this is heading though.

Kaneki calling Touka a monster. Touka… the same girl who sliced half of an old guy’s head clean off. Touka, the girl who was able to scare away Nishiki.

Good luck, Kaneki.

Welp, stay tuned for Chapter 6: Homing, next time!

Please do not spoil anything, this is only chapter 5 of the first manga volume. It would be incredibly rude to spoil further chapters when others have read this article to see my reaction to chapter 5

This is Karsyn, signing off~

Tokyo Ghoul is published by VIZ Media, in VIZ Signature Manga 

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Welcome to Tokyo Ghoul’s chapter 4: Coffee! We left off with Kaneki holding the package, expected to eat what was contained inside.

The manager tells Kaneki to come back anytime he needed more of the packages. Kaneki could tell that inside the package was human flesh, as he thanked the manager. As Kaneki left, Touka took the opportunity to ask the manager why he helped Kaneki. The manager told Touka the story about the hospital accident on the news, and told her that Kaneki had Rize’s organs inside of him.

Kaneki sits at home, his stomach growling while looking at the package. His hunger begins to overcome him so he throws the package across the room. Feared of how he almost ate the contents in the package, he runs to his fridge and grabs condiments; spraying them in his mouth. Disgusting. Soy sauce, Ketchup; Disgusting. He picks up a jar of instant coffee, and shakes some into his mouth. Surprised that the substance wasn’t disgusting, he brewed himself a cup and nervously drank it. Excited that it tasted good, he tried the coffee beans, and noted that it tastes better brewed. Feeling optimistic, he grabs a slice of bread and shakes the coffee onto it and places it in his mouth. Kaneki spits it out, quoting “It tastes like solid barf!! Coffee can’t even makes the taste!”

(ಠ_ಠ) Kaneki, really? You know what Solid Barf tastes like?!

Kaneki is looking for coffee in a convenient store. Not sure of which coffee to buy, a man reaches for the coffee he was going after. He had orange hair and apologized, quoting “Blondy is the best instant coffee, isn’t it?” handing the container to Kaneki. Kaneki checks out with about six containers of coffee and begins to walk home.

Hoping that the coffee gets him through his hunger, he smells something. The scent reminds him of his mother’s cooking, and he is quick to find the source. Hoping that it’s a restaurant that serves exotic foods with meat that even he can eat, due to the distance he walked .

As he rounds the corner, he is excited to know that the source of the scent is there. Smiling he finds. . . A man biting a dead guys throat off. Confused, Kaneki sits there. Ghoul man. Dead body. Source of smell. Fear takes over his body as he screams and inwardly thinks “How could I have been enticed by the smell of a corpse?!

Kaneki finds the source

The ghoul over the body tells Kaneki to go away, because he caught the man first and Kaneki was distracting him. As he tries to force Kaneki to leave more, a foot is placed on the back of his head. The orange haired man from the convenient store held the Ghoul’s arms behind his body, and put all his force into the foot he had on his head, pushing it off quoting “Boom.”

“Boom.” *Internal laughter*

The orange haired man asks the now dead corpse if the dead ghoul thought he could eat in his feeding ground. He looks over to Kaneki and notices that he was the boy from the convenient store. He tells Kaneki that if he had realized he was a ghoul before, he wouldn’t have been so nice and if he were human, he would have eaten him. He smirks towards Kaneki, finishing his statement and revealing that he has ghoul eyes.

Nishiki Nishio revealed
The man from the store is actually a ghoul.

Oh Kaneki, poor, sweet, Kaneki. You just find ghouls left and right don’t you?

Welp, stay tuned for Chapter 5: Feeding Ground, next time!

Please do not spoil anything, this is only chapter 4 of the first manga volume. It would be incredibly rude to spoil further chapters when others have read this article to see my reaction to chapter 4.

This is Karsyn, signing off~

Tokyo Ghoul is published by VIZ Media, in VIZ Signature Manga 


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