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Everyone loves a good bedtime story. Especially one featuring a handsome hero and his beautiful damsel; as well as dastardly villains, giants, sword fighters, adventure, and true love. We get all that and more in the Princess Bride. Grab a pillow and hang out with Chele, Tea, and Leona as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 80s classic.

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Warriors, come out to play.

Good news boppers it’s about time to Press Rewind. This time around Tea, Leona, and Rachele talk about the cult classic from 1979, The Warriors.

**Podcast Note/Correction: Rachele mentions a ferris wheel in Euclid Beach, she meant a merry go round (The Euclid Beach Park Grand Carousel). The ferris wheel shown in the opening of the movie was probably on the brain.

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