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In celebration of Halloween and it’s 30th anniversary, Tea and Leona get together to discuss the cult classic, comedy-horror The Lost Boys. From ’80s fashion to angsty older brothers to the genius that is Kiefer Sutherland, we talk about it all. And yes, we both still think it’s scary. #dontjudgeus

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Everyone loves a good bedtime story. Especially one featuring a handsome hero and his beautiful damsel; as well as dastardly villains, giants, sword fighters, adventure, and true love. We get all that and more in the Princess Bride. Grab a pillow and hang out with Chele, Tea, and Leona as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 80s classic.

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Under the Cherry Moon Poster_359“Once upon a time, in France, there lived a bad boy named Christopher Tracy. Only one thing mattered to Christopher . . . money. The women he knew came in all sizes shapes and colors. And they all were rich; very rich.
Private concertos, kind words and fun is what Christopher had to offer them. Yes . . . Christopher lived for all women, but he died for one. Somewhere along the way he learned the true meaning of love.”

On July 2, 1986, the masterpiece known as Under the Cherry Moon was released.

Oh wait . . . full disclosure; Under the Cherry Moon is my favorite movie. So in my eyes it is a masterpiece.

Under the Cherry Moon is the story of Christopher Tracy: a gigolo living in France, doing his gigolo thing with rich divorcees of the French Riviera. While pursing his goal of obtaining riches at the hands of beautiful women, he falls for his (potentially most profitable) mark. Mayhem ensues and so begins an entertaining love story between the gigolo with pipe dreams and a bratty heiress who yearns for freedom.

Goodness will guide
When Love is inside
Until then . . .
Life’s a

Did I mention I love this movie?

I can’t list all the reasons why I love this movie. I’d be here all night. I think I’ve mentioned the fact that Prince is my favorite musician. So obviously that is one reason. Let me see . . . I touched on one thing during our podcast; when I was growing up in the 80s we didn’t see lot of love stories with Black men (or women) in lead roles. Therefore, this was something special for me. Then you have this unabashedly confident Black man not only pursuing a romance with a beautiful rich white woman, but also having quite a few onscreen liaisons with other rich white women (and a variety of women off-screen). That was practically taboo in Hollywood movies. Well, it kinda still is, when I think about it. Now I’m not boasting about Christopher being a gigolo, but I am proud that in 1986 I got to see Black man in a role that was unheard of for people like me. Back then men of color were sidekicks; nothing more. Some may have had wives or girlfriends, but we never saw any parts of a romantic relationship play out for them. Don’t let me get started on the lack of romance and love for women of color.

In addition to having people of color in two of the main roles, Under the Cherry Moon was pretty diverse for that time. Some of the minor characters and many of background characters were people of color. I point that out, because again, that was something that just wasn’t done in Hollywood movies in the 80s. It’s hardly ever done today.

I am nothing without your touch, my love
I am nothing without your kiss
2 spend each night in your arms, my flower
Is mans idea of bliss
2 not hear your voice each day
Is 2 die 7 times by Gods wrath
If there was anything other than human
I’d be the water in your bath

Christopher Tracey_first eye contact with Mary_res

Keeping it 100, I originally went to see Under the Cherry Moon because Prince was the star of the movie.  I loved the movie because of Prince . . . so I thought. I love clichéd tropey love stories. I am always down for a good rom-com, I read the occasional romance novel and romance anime are at the top of my list. Sweet fictional love is where it’s at for me. Top it off with a person of color being the object of that love, and I’m all in. So, in my mind, of course I’d love Under the Cherry Moon. It has it all – boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy fights to get girl back. Throw in some angst caused a jealous brother and an overbearing father that doesn’t want to lose his daughter (or her money) to a con-artist gigolo. Back it up with one of the best Prince soundtracks and you have the makings of a beautiful thing. Oh my goodness, Parade is such an amazing soundtrack.

Haters can deny it all they want; Under the Cherry Moon was a good movie. Was is Oscar caliber? Nope! But, so what! Neither was 90% percent of the junk that came out that year. It was what it was – pure unadulterated fluff, slightly corny with enough charm to entertain those who didn’t walk in wanting to find a reason to dislike it. I’m not going to go into all the details of the negativity came from critics, the audience and one of the co-stars. If you like, you can here about that in our podcast, Press Rewind – Under the Cherry Moon or read about it online. I’m just here about the love of my favorite movie. 

Christopher Tracey_accused of using Mary

If you haven’t seen Under the Cherry Moon, I suggest you check it out. I have no disclaimers. If you like, you like; if you don’t, you don’t.

Well, let me finish celebrating the last of my Under the Cherry Moon Day. I’ll probably do it again this time next year.

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“How can I stand to stay where I am?
Poor butterfly who don’t understand
Why can’t I fly away in a special sky?
If I don’t find my destiny soon,
I’ll die in your arms under the cherry moon.” – Prince

Woo hoo! It’s the 30th anniversary Under the Cherry Moon. Rachele talks about her favorite movie with Leona, and Tea.


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