*sobbing uncontrollably* ooh heaven is a place on Earth

I’m late! I know I’m late. But Black Mirror season 3 happened, and it was everything I feared and hoped for. Six episodes. Six, whopping, episodes. And can you believe I watched four and a half in one night? Let me tell you, it was stressful. But oh, was it worth it. Before Nosedive I didn’t know you could rate your uber driver. Let me tell you this has ruined my life. I tried to bump this lady that took me to work the other day down, like it would actually change her life. She was a 4.7 y’all and I don’t know how she got there but let me tell you I wasn’t having it. I’ve told everyone I know to watch San Junipero; who’d have thunk that the most depressing, unsettling show would have a wonderful and wholesome interracial women love women relationship- WITH a bisexual and a lesbian no less. This show is a blessing and a curse and by the time I finished episode six I didn’t know what to do with myself (and that one was so good guys, even Kat got caught up in the DRAMA of it all). If no one listened to my last nonsense post about this show, please listen to this one and watch. It’s great: well made, well written, well acted, and very very real considering the subject matter. I kind of want to watch it all again already.

Note: if you have a fear of spiders maybe skip Episode 2- Playtest, they play (get it??) a major part in it. It’s pretty gross. It changed me in a bad way.

Black Mirror is now a Netflix original, all three seasons and the Christmas episode are available now!


(Sob with me guys)

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