Spoiler Alert! Fairy Tail 479, The Seven Deadly Sins 168, and Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches 200

Yes, hello. MORE SPOILER ALERT! WOOOOOT! Gonna try hard to catch up with what’s being released nowadays (July) and yeah, I’m gonna try.

So first up is Yamada-kun and the we knowalready Seven Witches

Chapter 200: Ocean front!!

Yamada-Kun Seven Witches 200

So we start off with the main five kiddos looking at the plane they’ll be boarding to Guam. It looks like a nice plane. Once inside Yamada is paranoid as all get out, I’d probably be the same, but then once they’re in the air he calms down. Guam looks nice and Yamada tries to go into a group activity right off the bat, but Miyamura and Yamada are asked to join the chairperson and her group.

Yamada’s sighs because he was able to get her to do something else but when he turns Miyamura is sitting with Nakamura, so Yamada asks if he was going with the chairperson and gets the military base reply again.

The three boys return to the hotel at night very tired, and the two girls and the chairperson seem just fine and enjoyed their sightseeing. The girls go off to the restaurant for dinner and ask Yamada to join them, but he and Miyamura plan to return to their room for a short break. The chairperson seems a little surprised and decides to give him a report to be turned in to her room before the day is over.

Some time passes and the chairperson ends up visiting Yamada to ask if he’s finished with his report. He tells her he’s going to the dining hall and she tells him that she’d really like it if he came by and gave her the report afterwards.

So Yamada and Miyamura get to the dining hall, greet the girlfriend and friend, and asks them if they wanna hang out til some dudes in their group ask them to hangout first to which Shiraishi agrees without hesitation.

Could you feel that arrow of betrayal piercing through your chest, Yamada? I know I could.

She tells him that because it’s a school trip they should hang out in their groups, so he tells them to have fun. Nakamura tells them that it’ll be his last school strip and he’d like to see a girl’s room for once, so Yamada tells him that Shiraishi left so no hope. But Miyamura uses that brain of his and asks if the chairperson also wanted them to come visit her room, the same way Yamada was trying to invite the girls.

The chairperson is shown looking outside to see other rooms partying as she thinks about how quiet it is for her. Then the guys knock on the door and barge in with food and stuff to party and Yamada brings the report and the chapter ends with the chairperson having snacks and games on the side.

Like guys, she only wants to party too ;-; She’S HUMAN TOO AND SHE WANTS TO HAVE FUN D:

This was a pretty nice chapter tho, kinda got me in the heart with that last page though.

Next up is The Seven Deadly Sins!

Chapter 168: Plan to Annihilate the Ten Commandments.

Seven Deadly Sins 168

So Jericho’s brother is important this time other than almost being killed by his sister for being a jerk. His name is Gustav. He’s walking with Guila, you know that crazy girl or killed herself for a few minutes to track down the deadly sins in the realm to see dead people? Yeah her. And they have a girl who’s working under Guila, wearing a mask who doesn’t give Gustav the time of day, and he just can’t handle the rejection.

So it turns out the three reported to Zeldon to help them when Dreyfus went all crazy and destroyed one of the ways to destroy the Demon Race. So one guy talks about how thanks to Denzel’s “Judgement” spell Dreyfus probably can’t even get a wink of sleep at night.

Then we see Dreyfus just sitting in a cave, being haunted by the people he killed, and devouring their souls.

He definitely is too scared to sleep at night.

So Fraudrin is sitting there wondering why Dreyfus’ brother isn’t showing up since all the people he killed are supposed to haunt him.

Is that foreshadow I see

So then Deathpierce starts talking and he says something about having a fairy, who for some reason is naked except she’s got thigh highs? and only he can see her. And he began to laugh and talk to her. And it was very uncomfortable for everyone.

So the fairy tells him that a northern part of Britannia was destroyed, and not just destroyed but utterly destroyed, and Camelot was destroyed and turned into the Demons’ den, because why not.

Then we find out that Gowther is actually apart of the Ten Commandments and Guila is all shocked and I’m still confused about his little close up thing making him look like a girl, like I keep mistaking you for a girl for a reason and it’s definitely reasons like this.

Overall this was a pretty good chapter, cliffhanger plot twist at the end. 

Next is Fairy Tail!!

Chapter 479: The One Most to Be Respected Is

So Zeref and his war is happening, his right hand man is talking to his troops. Fun. Good stuff. Zeref thinks about how he’ll erase the two he loves most, Mavis and Natsu, from history. Like okay, no… please no thank you.

Lucy and Natsu are still fighting Jacob, going for that Regulus Lucy punch but he dodged. Jacob knows martial arts apparently and he like knocks Lucy and Natsu down for a minute with his stealth magic for turning invisible and stuff. Then he says he’s gonna kill everyone he transported one by one, but you know Fairy Tail “WHAT ABOUT YER FRIENDS?!” which is what Lucy practically said, but she didn’t. She told him Brandish and crazy dude, you know that guy that tried choking Brandish while she was locked up and couldn’t use her magic? yeah him, were inside. So Jacob releases them, and the guy (I really don’t feel like remembering his name).

Okay so his name is Marin I looked it up. 

Fairy Tail 479

So when Marin gets up and thanks Jacob while being chained up, he sees that there is another Marin. Who is actually Gemini from Lucy switching to her Gemini star dress, which is actually really cute by the way. Mavis and Happy comment on the fact that she didn’t have Gemini copy someone powerful, but Lucy explains that she chose Marin solely for the fact that his magic created rules for the area, so they reversed the spacial magic in the area and all the guild members returned.

That’s checkmate, dude.

Jacob was upset and tried transporting everyone again but when he put his hands in position, Mavis threw Happy in between to stop him. So then Makarov punches him out of the guild, making Natsu tell him not to smash up the guild POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK, so Makarov says he doesn’t want to hear that from Natsu and throws him out after Jacob. So as Natsu flew over to catch up to Jacob he ended up evaporating the water in the nearby lake and punched Jacob out of the park.

Yeahhh, Fairry Tailll

Overall these chapters were nice. Thanks for checking out my review(?) summary(???) check out my Tokyo Ghoul articles if you like Tokyo Ghoul and like my reviews/summaries(????) and stuff.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches is created by Miki Yoshikawa

The Seven Deadly Sins is created by Nakaba Suzuki

Fairy Tail is created by Hiro Mashima

You can read Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Fairy Tail all on Crunchyroll. If you’d like to read older chapters you need a premium account, but the latest chapter is available for free until the next chapter releases. All three of these manga are published by Kodansha Comics.


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