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Hey kids! It’s time for the next chronicle in “Mint’s Greatest Fears Realized.” This installment is about hacking. Specifically it’s about the show Mr. Robot. Now, I’ve always had a passing interest in hacking; it always seemed like a cool skill to try and learn (spoiler alert I didn’t learn, but the glee at watching/playing things that have to do with it is still there). Enter: Mr. Robot. What do you get when you combine hacking, Rami Malek, and Christian Slater? You get damn good television, is what you get.

Mr. Robot is a show about a hacker named Elliot (Rami Malek) who gets pulled into the whirlwind of hacker collective fsociety. Elliot is socially awkward, delusional, a “casual” morphine user, and a cyber security engineer at AllSafe; a company hired by E Corp, also known as Evil Corp. The show follows him through his life after he begins noticing a strange man around (Christian Slater). One night AllSafe gets hacked and it’s up to Elliot to fix the issue. This is how he finds out about fsociety, this is how he comes to know the strange man: Mr. Robot.

From the beginning you can tell that Elliot has some kind of a moral Mr-Robot-Cast-Quotes-About-Season-2
compass, he may question that, but it’s very clear that he has lines that should never be crossed. He has trouble connecting with other people, so he hacks their lives to find out pertinent information. It’s kind of creepy, but he tends to use the information to help the people he cares about. As the show proceeds, he kind of jumps into a downward spiral and you can’t help but root for him. You just want him to make it through it, to get his answers, to become more sure of himself and his surroundings. Elliot is a great character (and he will make you cry a lot).

This show is a roller coaster, every minute you’re trying to figure out what the character’s motivations are, who
the good guys truly are, and whether or not you’re one of them depending on who exactly you’re cheering for. The acting is phenomenal: you find yourself feeling something for every character at least once, and it’s shot wonderfully. I can honestly say it’s a show that needs to be watched at least twice, so you can pinpoint all the confusing moments. It’s riveting. So give it a try! I may have covered my laptop camera (which seems paranoid) but I learned a lot, especially about raspberry pi…

Season 1 of Mr. Robot is available on Amazon Prime, and season 2 starts tonight at 10 p.m. on USA Network. Also check out the website it’s interesting stuff, though be warned, it may be spoilery.

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