Tokyo Ghoul Book 1 – Chapter 7

Tokyo Ghoul Book 1: Chapter 7 – Deception

Warning: (Haven’t done these in a while) This chapter will contain disgusting stuff. That’s it.  Not a lot of disgusting stuff, but it’s still there.

Chapter 7: Deception, starts off with Kaneki wondering why ghouls have to take away every place he belongs.

Nishki asks Hide if he came for some files and begins to look for them. Hide tells him that he was looking for the one with last year’s festival. When Nishki wasn’t able to find the video in his area he asks Hide and Kaneki to help him look for it.

Kaneki finds it off that Nishiki was acting normal but looks anyway. Nishiki realizes that it’s not in the room and remembers that he left it at home. He asks Hide to come with him to get it. Hide thinks for a bit and agrees telling Kaneki that he’s going and Kaneki has to walk home alone.

Not liking the idea of his best friend walking home alone with a ghoul Kaneki asks if he can go also. Nishiki agrees and Hide is left wondering why Kaneki decided to join them. Kaneki then asks if Hide and Nishiki were close. Hide replies that it wasn’t too long since they’d first met and Kaneki realizes that all the ghouls showing up around him had always been there and he just never noticed them.

As they walk, Nishiki asks if they want Taiyaki. Hide agrees and Kaneki accepts but doesn’t eat it. Nishiki gets one also and takes a bite and gulps it down. Leaving Kaneki wondering how he could do that. When Hide asks Kaneki if he was going to eat his Taiyaki, Kaneki tells him that he would eat it later.

Kaneki thinks about how Nishiki blends with society so well that no one would be able to tell he was a ghoul. Then he wonders if he could do the same thing.

Hide stops and realizes that they’ve been led to a dead end, leading to Nishiki kicking him in the stomach, into some supplies and knocking him out. Kaneki screams Hide’s name andNishiki grabs him by the throat and lifts him into the air.Screenshot_2016-01-15-19-46-20

Nishiki asks Kaneki if he was going to eat Hide, and tells him about how great it is betraying someone that trusts you and watching the look on their face before they’re eaten. Kaneki then tells Nishiki that he wouldn’t do that and he’s not like Nishiki.

Kaneki, there you go again provoking these ghouls. ;-;

Nishiki punches Kaneki in the stomach and tells him about how he hates when “little punks” talk back to him like he told Touka. As Kaneki lays on the ground in pain, Nishiki comments about how flimsy Kaneki is. Then he says that all the moving around and Taiyaki made him sick to his stomach. Wondering how humans could eat it and saying that it was like eating horse crap.

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOA ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ Hold it there, Nishiki. The way Kaneki described food was definitely weird, but horse crap is a whole new level. What is it, that you have been fed you poor, unfortunate ghoul man?

Nishiki then shoves his fingers down his throat forcing him to vomit, and decides to vomit on Hide.


Then he taunts Kaneki by saying “Sorry, Kaneki, I fouled up your food.”



Welp, that’s the end.

Nishiki that’s disgusting what you did to Hide.

Good Luck, Kaneki.

Stay tuned for Chapter 8: Kagune next time!

Please do not spoil anything, this is only chapter 7 of the first manga volume. It would be incredibly rude to spoil further chapters when others have read this article to see my reaction to chapter 7

This is Karsyn, signing off~

Tokyo Ghoul is published by VIZ Media, in VIZ Signature Manga 


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