Everyone Should Be Watching Jane the Virgin….I think.

There’s something very exciting about finding a new (to you) show. It’s pretty much like a new relationship; spending all of your time together (binge watching), starry-eyed daydreaming (thinking about the show when you should be doing other things, like working), the afterglow from heady kisses and anticipation of the next (when you finally catch up and can watch live), when you introduce your new love to your friends and family (the Facebook status, telling what you’re watching). This was me over the last month, when I started watching Jane the Virgin on Netflix.


I missed the first season when it aired live because it’s on the CW and before The Flash, I didn’t watch that network. I have a lot of friends who watch the show and rave about, so once it was added to Netflix, I decided to give it a go; never expecting I would like it. It’s a clever show, that plays like a telenovela (secret identities, scheming wives, lying boyfriends, criminal masterminds, a love triangle–and that’s by like episode four! It’s also one of the funnier shows on TV, mostly because of the Narrator and Rogelio.

  • Jane: a 24 year old waitress and aspiring writer, who lives at home with her mother and grandmother. Jane was accidentally artificially inseminated during what was supposed to be a regular pap. How does this happen? I’m glad you asked; the doctor was distraught and mixed up two patients’ charts. Jane was asleep when asked if she was ready for the insemination. I still call bullshit though. I don’t know much about artificial insemination, but if it doesn’t include the use of a speculum, Jane should have known something wasn’t right. Did I mention she’s a virgin, saving herself for marriage?
  • Xiomara: Jane’s mother, who had her at 16; Xo lives a carefree life marred by bad decision making skills.
  • Abuela: Jane’s grandmother, who although she’s a bit judgy, is the smartest person in the family.
  • Rogelio: Jane’s absent father and telenovela star, Rogelio wants to get to know his little gir–er, grown ass daughter. When Xo told him she was pregnant, he told her to get an abortion. And Xo never told Jane about his existence…so that’s a thing.


  • Rafael: a rich, spoiled playboy cum hotel magnate, and testicular cancer survivor, Rafael is the father of Jane’s baby. And it just so happens she had a crush on him years ago; and they happened to kiss. When we meet Raf, he’s married, but no longer in love with his wife–that duplicitous bitch….we’ll get to her in a bit.


  • Michael: a detective with the Miami PD, Michael is Jane’s boyfriend of the last three years. He’s sweet, funny, and very understanding. When he’s not lying—sorry, we’ll get to that in a minute.


  • Petra: the duplicitous bitch; she was married to Rafael, using him for his money. Never mind Petra actually loves him; she cheated on him with his best friend!


  • The Narrator: though he’s never seen, The Narrator is the thread that ties all the stories together. He gives voice to characters’ emotions and gives the audience background when necessary. He’s also funny as hell.
  • Luisa: Rafael’s sister and the doctor who accidentally inseminated Jane. Luisa is an alcoholic whose marriage just fell apart, had an affair with her stepmother, and is all around crazy as hell.
  • Magda: Petra’s psycho mother; not much to say about her because psycho pretty much sums it up.
  • Sin Rostro: a drug-dealing, murdering, criminal mastermind.

I love this show. It’s hilarious, but like any good soap or telenovela, it has some romance, mystery, treachery, and even some murder. The storylines are smart, the writing is tight, and the casting is flawless ( I couldn’t see anyone else playing these characters). On it’s face, the show is pretty much perfect. And yet….I hate Jane. Okay, maybe hate is a strong word. I heartily dislike her. What I found adorable in season one, I find annoying in season two; and there’s only been six episodes so far! I wish it were one thing, but my issues with Jane are wide and varied; she’s whiny, picky, indecisive, judgemental, hypocritical…when you get right down to it, she’s not a likeable character. Yeah, she’s always been a micro-managing, goody-two-shoes perfectionist, but now, I just want her to have a stadium of seats. I guess my real issue with Jane is that I can’t relate to her. She’s too young and immature. And I definitely don’t like how she treats Rafael and Michael. Whatever it is, it keeps me from enjoying the show as much as I used to. Well, that’s not true. The rest of the characters keep me entertained, especially Rogelio; I kinda hope he gets a spinoff. The story lines are stellar, too; they keep me coming back for more. When did my Pitch turn into a Rant??

Never mind what I said before; Jane the Virgin is a good show and everyone should watch it. My only hope though, is that as Mateo gets older, and Jane gets used to motherhood and how her life will change, she matures. I don’t want to see her making the same selfish choices week after week.

Catch up on Jane’s adventures then let me know: are you #TeamRaf or #TeamMichael?

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